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Thread: Turk Faces 10 years

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    Default Turk Faces 10 years

    Turk Convicted On All Charges, Rapper Faces 10 Years
    By Nolan Strong
    Date: 8/10/2005 3:00 am

    A federal jury convicted rapper Tab “Turk” Virgil of three felony charges yesterday (August 9). Virgil was convicted of being a felon with a handgun, a fugitive with a handgun and a drug addict with a handgun.

    The charges stem from a shootout during a January 2004 drug raid of an apartment. SWAT team member Deputy Chris Harris was shot in the jaw, hip arm and calf.

    During the trial, Deputy Harris said he opened a double-door closed in the apartment and saw a bright muzzle flash. He said he immediately felt the bullets’ impact.

    Harris said he traded fire with someone in the closet and that he could see bullets flying through the door and into the ceiling of the apartment.

    Afterwards, police recovered a 9mm in the closet with six shells nearby. Ballistics evidence also stated the bullet that struck the officer in the jaw came from the 9mm.

    While tests on Virgil’s hands came back inconclusive, prosecutors said the rapper had gunfire residue on his shorts.

    Virgil’s attorney Javier Bailey told the jury that the rapper never fired a weapon. He said that officers botched the investigation.

    Bailey argued that once police threw a flash-bang grenade into the apartment, no one would have been capable of retrieving a weapon.

    Six officers present testified that they never saw Virgil with a gun in his hand and none of them saw him in the closet either.

    The leader of the SWAT team, Sgt. Perry McEwen, said that Virgil and his girlfriend were ordered to crawl out of the bedroom after the shooting.

    McEwen testified under oath that Virgil stated: "I thought we were being robbed."

    Attorneys made their final arguments yesterday morning and the jury took just five hours to convict the chart-topping rapper, who made his mark as a member of Cash Money Records’ hit group, The Hot Boys.

    The group featured fellow New Orleans rappers Juvenile, B.G. and Lil’ Wayne.

    Virgil’s attorney expressed disappointment at the time the jury spent deliberating and has vowed to appeal.

    Virgil faces between five and 10 years in prison and is scheduled to be sentenced October 26.

    The rapper is still facing an attempted-murder trial stemming from the shooting, but a trial date has not been set

    damn whats up with these rappers going 2 jail more often than ever?x gets year,lil kim gets year,beans got year,shyne still locked up,foxy brown prolly gets a year and the list goes on and now turk possibly 10 years?!?damn


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    Default Re: Turk Faces 10 years

    Damn it might over for him. well it's over for all Cash Money ever since they broke up it ain't been the same.

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    Default Re: Turk Faces 10 years

    who the fuck is "turk" rappers are stupid

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    Default Re: Turk Faces 10 years

    that really sucks for him, I'll admit I like the Hot Boys, not one of my fav groups but one of the few simplistic southern artists I'll bump. It's a shame that these rappers still gotta get into trouble and mess a good thing(their careers) up. people gotta stop takin things forgranted n' let ish slip out of there hands. now Turk is gonna have to learn that the hard way, in the belly of the beast. peace

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    Default Re: Turk Faces 10 years

    i feel outa that cash money shit n jus south hiphop in general a long time ago, but outa the Hot Boys or cashmoney......Turk was one rapper i think that had skill, him n BG were the only good ones outa that click...with the xception of manny fresh makin beats

    but that sux big time for turk,

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    Default Re: Turk Faces 10 years

    ...hahahaha, i thought we were being robbed!
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    Default Re: Turk Faces 10 years

    damn that sucks...turk is dope.

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    Default Re: Turk Faces 10 years

    Quote Originally Posted by CrunchyBlack
    damn that sucks...turk is dope.
    hopefully he doesn't drop the soap or else someones gonna think Turk is sweet, not dope...

    Ghostface says fake words, like sprinkle noodles
    on your hembri...the fucks a hembri?


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    Default Re: Turk Faces 10 years

    I hope he burns in hell

    ......he better not drop the soap

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