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Thread: Slippy The Pimp vs. _______ Freestyle- battle

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    Red face Slippy The Pimp vs. _______ Freestyle- battle


    Free-Keystyle. Just type off the dome, take a second to make corrections then hit submit. Other then that it's whatever.

    Ladies and gentlemen-
    Bitches and whores-
    Guess who stepped in the mother fucking door-
    the He-Hoar from he-haw, jacking off to re-runs of She-Raw-
    YEE-HAA, Niggas like dusk don't want see it when I'm busting more nuts than pop-corn-
    And the players got his chick on the water bed but cheeks spread open and filming chop-porn-
    Slop porn smothered with baby oil sprinkled in glitter n' shit-
    "He Never could sqeeze so much into my slit"-says she
    "That's because fags try to keep it tight as a butthole"-says me
    cause i'm quick to pull a chick spread open insert bricks, fists, and the homies-
    Tag teamin chicks like the Ultimate Warrior and Hulkster in the 80's-
    Keepin it real for the gun toting crack babies-
    Swinging thicker than dusty elephants feet-
    The dirt ring around her mouth is proof your girl was sucking my meat-

    fuck it-
    (deleted for content)
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