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Thread: JTag - Milano Smokes CD (JTag Prod.)

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    Default JTag - Milano Smokes CD (JTag Prod.)

    Underground Indie HipHop from Italy, give us a feedback please:

    u can hear some snippets here:

    the CD has a 12 pagg booklet with the all lyrics, artwork by Gab.Gato


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    we really appreciate a feedback from ppl around, down here in Italia were quite alone on this shit, please
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    You can listen the previews here:

    also available from our friends at:
    and here:

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    The sounds are crazy. I'm feelin the MC on Barbed Wired Mikes. Sounds like a lost Mf Doom tape. Really original. Yeah the next track got that smooth flow to it Gettin Slendid. Crazy. I'll check more later.

    Sick! Milan Cracks. Feelin this 100%.
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    Nice, thx a lot for the feedback!
    Much props to the MC 'ArgentoVivo', he was at his first HipHop experience! heres his space:

    Milan Cracks was one of the few beats together with 'What Tomorrow' done without any sampling, just an mpc and a few keys



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