Deathrow Records founder Suge Knight has been named in an injunction filed by Compton City officials asking a judge to ban members of the Mob Piru street gang from being able to congregate in a Compton neighborhood marred by gang related crimes.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the injunction would ban Knight and 200 other people from congregating, carrying guns, using gang gestures, fighting, drinking alcohol in public or staying out past 10 pm. Violators would face a$1000 fine or a year in jail.

Knight, who has been repeatedly linked to the Mob Piru, called the injunction a “publicity stunt”.

“This is crazy,” Knight told The Times. “I’m a 42-year-old businessman, not a gang member. I don't even live in Compton anymore. This injunction names people who are already in jail -- and at least one guy who is long dead.”

This is the first time an injunction has been sought in Compton.

A hearing is scheduled to take place today (January 24th, 2008) for a temporary injunction to be issued until the court can hear arguments to make the injunction permanent.