i'm killing shit, but read if you want too

cats come in category's
don't stereotype or it might get gory
all the glory in the world can't resurect
all the glory i make connect
the strange fruit like adam n eve
the fruit got me doing the crazy
store robberys to cop stick ups
now hold ya wrist up
this a robbery, a mothafuckin robbery
i be robbin the public like the lottery
be causin disary in the public eye like potter, harry
in my mind chemicals got too disrupt
peel out my thoughts like alien abductions
let the world see it like bruce lee
plus i got a suped up duece duece on me
thought i was in neutral, but i'd never bother
bother with ya shit, thats like jenna jameson fuckin her father
dial the cops, rats get them on speed dial
rockin a righteous style
fuck you and your raps
this ain't no thing to go attack
i'll make you too several examples
you couldn't drop heavy wit an anvil
couldn't drop lead even wit pencil sharpeners
couldn't buy a battle with auctionin
bout to end it all homes
end it like buying out your home
where's your flow but on ya pants
panting bout me n myself fag
i got your number like lookin in the phone book
heard you phony crook
you ain't rich so i know you ain't never started