The family and friends of tragic TLC star Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes have threatened a trendy Los Angeles clothing company with legal action after learning bosses have used the late hip-hop star as an inspiration for new designs without permission.

Dragonfly designers staged a photo shoot with models posing as dead stars as part of reality show Janice Dickinsonís Modeling Agency, which aired on Tuesday night - and Lopesí loved ones were horrified to see the Waterfalls singerís likeness created.

Lopesí stunned former best friend and publicist Jay Morose says, "They explicitly said they are portraying Elvis, Kurt Cobain and my friend, Lisa Lopes.

"The photos are now online as a catalog for this company. They even identify the models by their rock star names."

Morose approached Dragonfly bosses after speaking with the late starís family - in an effort to have the upsetting images taken down.

He adds, "An assistant told me they can do whatever they want with the images. But itís tasteless - and also highly illegal.

"In California, tort law generally prohibits commercial use of a celebrityís likeness without consent. This matter has been passed on to the familyís attorneys."

Lopes was killed in a car accident in Honduras in 2002.