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Thread: Mind Over Matter

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    Default Mind Over Matter

    Get lost in a beat,
    As I let my heart speak,
    It's mind over matter,
    Dreams will eventually shatter,
    So called rappers,
    Steady telling lies,
    Money and power got you all hypnotized,
    But the pheonix shall rise,
    Fired covered skies,
    And open your eyes,
    I stay true,
    To everything I do,
    Seen shit you couldn't possibly go through,
    Everything I've seen,
    Is my life but also a bad dream,
    I got my memorise caught,
    Converted my pain into art,
    Learning to spit darts,
    Lost in my thoughts,
    Attacking fake emcees with an onslaught.

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    Default Re: Mind Over Matter

    I Hear Ya

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