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Thread: Iran Aint Playin Around Folks!

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    Default Iran Aint Playin Around Folks!


    Iranís Mohammad Ali Jafari presents his country's defence position with the confidence of a commander who knows that he can deliver exactly as promised; to any US military target in any adjoining Muslim country, without harming hosting locals.

    When one considers the logistics of the situation, this can only mean that Iran has Russian Sunburn missiles. This tells us that the US is out-gunned; it has nothing approaching the incredible accuracy and range of the Sunburn.

    In light of this, it now becomes appallingly clear why Bush, Gates and Cheney bluster so extremely about nuclear strikes. Their holsters are otherwise empty and they are militarily overextended.

    Any sane government would adopt a cautious approach to such a painful impasse, but not the White House. Why not? Because US military aggression in the Middle East is dictated entirely by Israeli fanatics in the White House; who also own the entirety of the American media. Rationality and global responsibility do not enter the Middle East power equation. The UN must come to terms with the frightening reality that, if Israel was an actual person, he would be locked up as criminally insane and psychotically paranoid.

    Meanwhile, it is well known that some US Generals will veto any nuclear attack against Iran; realising as they do, that this would turn almost every surviving human being on the planet against America; US puppet western governments excepted.

    No US installation in the world would be safe; nor would any US citizen abroad. Considering that the bulk of US military satellite communications infrastructure is situated outside the US, America would quickly become defenceless; not usually a recommended objective.

    With the background of a terminally plunging US dollar and inexorable approach of recession; to defend their own economies, other nations would pull the bung on America's hopelessly above Plimsoll line trade deficit. The SS Imperial Empire would sink; literally in minutes. This is readily acknowledged in the media by economic realists.

    What remains unspoken is that civil war would break out in the panicked scramble for dwindling survival resources; especially in the Latino-dominant American south-west; impossible to contain, with the bulk of National Guard in Iraq. Mercenaries like Blackwater would be contracted and Americaís subsequent law and order situation would compete successfully with a bikerís brawl.

    Evidently, this is why once-partisan US officials; Scott Ritter for example, are now throwing political reticence to the winds and calling for absolute disengagement with Israeli foreign policy, and cessation of the $32 million per day military assistance that fires Israeli hegemony and self-generated paranoia.

    While the sudden waking up of US policy revisionists must be nervously applauded, one wonders if they realise how little time they have left. As soon as Israel realises it has been cut adrift; ignoring voices of sanity like rebel IDF personnelís Yesh Gvul, it will lash out with nuclear weaponry at Iran, Syria, Gaza and Lebanon thereby assuring its own destruction.

    In the stunned silence that momentarily envelops the world, the first rustle of activity will be horrified non-Israeli Jews, hastily changing their surnames by deed poll. Shalom Zion. And, just maybe, hello peace.

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    Bush is leading America to destruction. How come there are apparently no attempts against his life already?

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    long live the islamic revolution and the peoples struggle in the world

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