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Thread: Strange Wilderness

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    Default Strange Wilderness

    for those who have seen it....how is it?

    i have yet to see it. i heard it was good, so i'm gonna go see it this up-coming weekend.

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    How come the previews for it are all like 5 seconds long? lol

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    Yea, they are short but shark swimmingwith the guys doing those noises is hilarious, haven't seen it though.

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    saw it last night.....

    BIG DISSAPOINTMENT. It had funny moments, but overall...it wasn't that great of a movie, not worth it.

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    Snuck in yesterday. Fuck IMO it was near Super Bad. The fat dude from that movie is in it too but hes a comedy releif, hes usually sayin weird shit in a Southern accent and playin funny ass songs on his guitar throughout the movie. The Jesus lookin pothead was my favorite dude in the movie. Its that stupid funny type of movie, even when they show the animals & dubbing it its pretty funny.

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    I Seen This Movie It Was Werid I Wouldnt Suggest People To Go See It In The Movies. At First I Was Like Wow This Movie Sucks But It Starts To Pick Up And After The Movie Was Over I Was 50-50 On It But I Had The Urge To Watch It Again. The Cast Is Pretty Good Though. I Mean Anything With Farva From Supertroopers In It You Know Your Gonna Atleast Get Laughs Out Of him.
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    i heard its funny as fuck when you see it blazed

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    Dude it is, 2 blunts before the movie...you ever get that pain feelin in your chest & throat after laughing all the oxygen outta your body away? This movie did that to me

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