"We could have George in there ten years longer," says country music star

Country music legend Willie Nelson fears the 2008 presidential election could be cancelled due to a national state of emergency and that George W. Bush could occupy the White House for another decade.

"It's a long time until election day and some sort of national crisis could put off the elections and we could have George in there ten years longer," Nelson told the Alex Jones Show today.

Asked how the American people should respond in the event of the presidential election being cancelled or postponed, Nelson responded, "I would hope that we'd be smarter than that and I would hope that we'd say no - we're throwing all you guys out and we're starting over - you can stop the elections if you want to but you can't stop the people."

On the subject of the presidential race itself, Nelson said he liked Ron Paul but that the final run off would be between McCain and Hillary or Obama.

"I was hoping that Hillary had changed her mind (on the war), I was hoping Obama was all the way against the war - I don't know, maybe public opinion can keep their minds where they need to be," concluded Nelson.

During the same explosive interview, Nelson went public with his doubts about the official 9/11 story, saying that he thought the twin towers were deliberately imploded.

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