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Thread: Some Of Ya'll Trip Me Out With Your Mentality About Straight To Video Movies

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    Default Some Of Ya'll Trip Me Out With Your Mentality About Straight To Video Movies

    I posted a movie here awhile ago called My Brother with Vanessa Williams and Fredro Starr of Onyx and nobody responded to it because it's a straight to video movie. This movie was sad and it had some meaning. For some reason, most of ya'll seem to think every straight to video movie is bad and a lot of them are but some of them aren't. The reason why a lot of actors that do straight to video movies who used to be stars is because the punk ass major movie studios are scared of doing movies that have meaning and have a message. Most major movie studios are only concerned about doing movies with big stars that are gonna make money and a lot of those movies are corny especially the ones with white corny actors like Will Farrell. Most of ya'll who see movies only wanna see ghetto, ignorant, violent, sex, lots of cursing films. Ya'll don't care about films that have a message and there are some straight to video movies that have a message and are deep.

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    wow, dude you really are missing out on a lot of films if you think there is only violence, sex, & cursing in films that aren't dumped on to DVD.

    .Tom Waits
    .Kid Koala


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