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Thread: Wu mixtape Mystagogue

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    anyone got the picture of the board or even the tape, can some one reup the mix tape again please

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    I would like to trade Wu-Tang Mystagogue Vol.1 for Wu-Tang Mystagogue Vol.2 (actual tapes).

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    The two Mystagogue mixtapes were NOT mixed by the RZA. They were in fact produced by a DJ/turntablist/producer by the name of Tobe Donohue a.k.a. DJ Casual T from the Animal Crackers crew out of Cincinnati, OH. The Animal Crackers crew were part of the group responsible for Scribble Jam and are affiliated with DJ Mr. Dibbs.

    I managed to get in touch with him via e-mail to confirm his work on the two tapes. I informed him of the ripped audio mp3s that are circulating, about how the whole Wu-Nation is fiending for this tape, and he will take a look in his archives for the original DAT tapes. Maybe I can persuade him to remaster and re-release the tapes in some form or fashion, who knows.

    Until then all we have are the rips that have been made available through the forum. I'll keep bumpin' that shit anyway.
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    I have a copy of Vol 1 from the skateboard.

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