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Thread: This Is A Question For All Yall Beat Makerz...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MANTIS69
    I'm lookin into this also, I'm all hardware right now with basically jus an mpc 2k & a roland rs-5 but want a better sound plus more options. Right now I'm considering adding some software or maybe jus gettin a workstation. I'm researching on Saffire, Lexicon Omega, & Mackie Spike, does anybody have any suggestions any help would be appreciated.

    If your looking at an interface like the focusrite 'Saffire' or the Mackie 'Spike' you should just get an Mbox, then you get the lastest version of ProTools LE with it plus Focusrite make the mic pre's for the Mbox anyway so your getting the quality of the Saffire but with ProTools (up to 32 tracks), Reason (Adapted), Live (Adapted) + a load of other 3rd party plug-ins like Amplitube LE and T-Racks EQ.
    I ain't looked back since I got mine, back then it was 400 for the factory bundle (with all the extra software) but I'm sure it must have got cheaper by now, or if your in the US it will be cheaper anyway.

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    thanks for the info yall, right now i really into the mackie spike with the mackie control surface or the lexicon omega with the tascam control surface, the mbox is nice but everybody pretty much has that, i want something a lil different, the mackie joints are real nice too.

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