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Thread: There will be blood

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    that movie was crazy! Prime example of how oil will drive you crazy and Amerikkka is an oil junkee. Just like Bucket List, really shitted on religion and showed how ridiculous it is (in my opinion). Loved that part where ol boy was like say that you are a fasle prophet. Movie is on point in alot of peoples eyes, but come Sunday alot of those same people will be back in the church witnessin those exact same shenanigans of the actor in the pulpit. All these bloodsuckers of the poor need to suffer the same fate of the dude who was lying in his own blood at the end of the movie. They are the most wickedest liars on the planet, ok, that's all.


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    yeah its great, but we got some threads already for it...

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    Man I wants to see that movie!

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