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    We have just recieve a report that Wucorp City is under attack by swarms of killer blogs. They been seen posting from New Joysey, Canadula, Australia, Europe, and Morocco Island. We Advise you to stay in your forums as we will be bringing you up to the date information....

    This just in, police are reporting that there is a man, on top of the bloggosphere ready to jump. I'm told that he is possibly,

    Old' Peppy
    A member of the
    Wucorp Clan
    Police suspect that there could be a connection between this Old Dirty man, and, the killer blogs

    What ya'll though ya'll wasn't gon' see Pep!?
    (ooohhh-ooohh-oohh-oh ohh)
    This what? this 08?!
    (ooohhh-ooohh-oohh-oh ohh)
    Alright my niggas and my niggarette
    Ima rub my meat to 8 diagrams
    let's take this back

    TO '80!

    Philosophies Philosophies, microscope, philosophies
    telescope, philosophies, philosophies,
    Philosophies Philosophies, microscope, philosophies
    boost mobile, philosophies, philosophies,
    Philosophies Philosophies, microscope, philosophies
    telescope, philosophies, philosophies...dishwasher

    As the clock tiks i hard drive pikkz,
    bless the forum with the pestiuhlense,
    hope my pasta doesn't burn
    This is my testemit tu doz bernd
    (i repeat) This is my testemit tu doz bernd
    A rican man pikking shrimps off duh frying pan
    Jumping poles, sit ups snap my bra liner,
    One phone call and jigsaw cums wif duh fire
    (i reepeet) Jigsaw cums wif duh fyre,
    what? i gotta beg niggas just to scratch my back,
    Jigas is strapped when he jumps out of pontiacs
    Wucorp ajeernd with sunlflawur seeds and gummy worms
    I like my EasyMac thick like canada bird,
    Have a blood, clot,
    and blow shartters, and sweep pots,
    these shower curtains you think dey boxers? i think not
    The Iron gut and gonna tell you when the Ramen's done,
    Skamp and Jigsaw tearing up with cassarole, Conni-slums

    I photoshop from the heart,
    blow my fees anime and gold teeth
    my baby mama's face barks, condensed milk and digimon,
    upgrade to yu-gi-ho and forums, pokemon was boring,
    Take cover kid, what? fight for your charizard, lose some HP,
    snaggin Digi-destant groupies,
    my age give me thee advantage,
    and get wasted,
    Hentai and hemroid cream, your threads are basic compared to mine,
    people with my field of interests do arts and crafts
    ...piss their paints and color out of the lines...,
    take a free ride on my blogs, I got the ex-wife
    who's face can make a grown man stop believe'n in god

    The saga continues, Wu-corp! Wu-corp!

    My earrings may be flaming, but look so sweet,
    they sound like jingle bells, they jingle when you speak,
    We hump slow, cause it don't get up no, more,
    rogaine plummets, rush to the store,
    grew up in the 80s so love eating bush,
    a coat of fur stretching from the naval to the tush,
    the beavis has a shitty dead wombat taste,

    I eat it up, then make, a ^sad sailor face
    an earring junkie, throw a wucorp tantrum
    still awaiting for, Chico Debarge to drop an anthem
    Hawaiian shirts, tanquilzed by warm milk
    the dancefloor, glaceful, scopin all the milfs,
    my music sicily, rich 80s puss smell,
    happy when my children, do the dishes well,
    Im flipping diaper doo-doo
    Sippin on prunce juice
    righteous forum moderator, hatin on the new dudes,

    March of the Sega holders, Ski patrol punks couldn't hold us,
    a thousand nights posting threads, not one minute was sobber,
    In middle school i jelled my HAIR, get owned by Ric FLAIR,
    love picnics and polar bears,
    in particular, my picnic blanket is like a vortex,
    cause all the Maine mamis see it lay right next,
    Peanut butter in a ziplock and raw sex,
    mayonnaise, bologna and elton john in my bloodstream,
    pickle juice, cause ya boy is caucasain
    shreddin the pipe line for ovation
    get drunk as a fuck and go to Vermont for warm vacations,

    War of the races, my nose looks like crayfish,
    many of the negro membership claim im racist
    a million searches for economic stats on blacks,
    got sonned once, caught feelings and never came back,
    another heart is torn as close ones mourn,
    but i was warned, should have known Tila was a whore

    The corpse rendered helpless and suffers from bandwidth problems that evidentally cause,
    93 million fags with irrelevant humor to over flood the wucorp
    this is a blabbering of the bastard that came to recruit members for Corpse.com,
    as we ingage in sonnings, make sure the caps locks on,
    My hidden crush, The Slutty Ivonne won't respond,
    light is provided through sparks of energy to the house that paid by
    my dads funds
    giving sight to the blind,
    your dumb if your not intrigued by cormega's nut,
    thread only some can find fun,
    this relentless attackula of the sluts spares none...




    Oiye fuck that, look at all these Kangroos and wombats
    lampin like an aborigine stuck in the outback,
    Fosters was mixed in your drink
    I was a bush baby breast milk fiend,
    stingrays make me scream
    Im aussie, the scum of the forum
    Even my toilet flushes wrong,
    blowin like Dundee in 81,
    Sound convinced mate?
    Country made of rapist and inmates
    Wallabee, stole my wu mixtape
    tell parliment to hold the fucked up,
    snatch Erwins wiz back up,
    It's humiliates, but atleast i ain't a fuckin dutch
    it's me, blackOnTheNet ali,
    say Crickey,
    we like the sydney, sassoon, feed the wallabees
    australia, 93 million miles from anything that matters
    like Americans, blackula and shirts,

    Aiyo that's amazin, pic of the pussy smut
    giant nip slut
    send my twat to make the nerds jack off,
    twat photographer,
    maple syrup all over my school trapper,
    New Jersey knob rider, word, grey vagina
    Just a dosage,

    Nipples look like Gary when you focus,
    wow, Kool Kieth blows lines ferocious,
    Canadatanian, See that?
    the number one topic up in your gen chat,
    A delegate the blacks with shaved cat,
    Breast cancer, Siliconfest spectula,
    chat punching bag, expose the oatmeal twatcula,
    macked mostly, slutty but i try and hide it,
    Sickening, silicons that don't jump like Rod Stickland

    *heat kisses blackulas head in a steel cage*
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