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Thread: Luiz Gasparetto: Medium Painter (CRAZY!..u must see this)

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    Default Luiz Gasparetto: Medium Painter (CRAZY!..u must see this)

    you're gonna love this....it's fuckin wild

    i've been reading this book by a psychologist named Stanislav Grof called "When the Impossible Happens"...Grof has been revolutionizing psychology for 50 years with his research into non-ordinary states of consciousness and reality.....most famously (and this is how i heard of him in the first place) he had been doing studies on the effects of LSD on ppl for years at a university in Maryland before it became an illegal substance...this research provided many amazing insights into the nature of reality and consciousness and i've been meaning to write a thread about his work for a while now but i'll first show this:

    in this book there's a chapter about Luiz Antonio Gasparetto, a man from Brazil who is able to channel the spirits of a wide range of dead famous painters (Monet, Picasso, Rembrandt, da Vinci, Modigliani, Manet, van Gogh, Gauguin, etc) and produce varieties of paintings in extraordinary styles..

    he doesn't paint exact replicas of existing paintings but "new motifs rendered in easily recognizable styles of individual artists"...

    when painting, he seems to enter into a trance and is not even looking at the paper at times...in the book, Dr Grof describes when Gasparetto came to their institute to paint in front of an audience and they actually turned all the lights off except for one little red light over the paper (red so that he couldn't distinguish color)...he would at times paint with two hands two different paintings at the same time and even did one upside down under the table with his right foot..

    before i continue, here's a couple vids of him doing it that i was able to find:

    ^^that's not sped up...regular speed

    at the end of the videos u see what the paintings look like..

    when i try to google him everything keeps coming up in Portrugese so i'll give u some more info from the book i have..

    he'd been gifted with psychic abilities since he was a child and the Gasparetto lineage was actually famous in Brazil for their paranormal abilities, his mother being a psychic who taught him alot and helped him develop his own talent...
    his experience with discarnate artists began when he was 13 years old, they kept appearing to him on a regular basis..some were very famous and some he had no idea who they were and had to look them up in art history books..

    they had told him they wanted to show their work all over again and convey the message that they still existed and also give ppl tangible proof of the existence of "the Beyond"...Luiz never knew what was going to come and what they were going to do, in fact he can't just simply choose to paint something without the presence of the painters he can't perform at all...

    when they were present he could feel all they felt and see the world through their eyes and this all changed his own way of seeing the world and opened his eyes to life's magic beauty..

    Grof also describes a performance he did for a large audience in a big meeting room at the Esalen Insitute where Grof and his wife were working...

    as i said, the room was made dark except for a little red lamp that allowed ppl to observe what Luiz was doing but blocked his ability to distinguish colors....he made them play Vivaldi's Four Seasons throughout the session because he found it inspiring for his work..

    within a few minutes his body went through a few jolts and he seemed to enter a trance, Grof's wife (who sat next to Luis to hand him new sheets of paper) felt heat coming from his hands..

    he began to paint with astonishing speed (as you can see in the vid) and produced remarkable paintings one after the other: van Gogh, Picasso, Gauguin, Rembrandt, Monet and many others....he was using both of his hands painting 2 pictures simultaneously at times..

    the performance lasted a little over an hour and at the end there were 26 paitings scattered on the floor, all rendered in appropriate colors even tho there was that red light..
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