After nearly doing a year in prison, Beanie Sigel is a free man, with a lot to get off his chest. In an interview with, he weighed in on his former State Property crew and his relationship with Damon Dash.

"Do I think they were disloyal for going with Jay[-Z]? Nah," he said of the situation with his former label mates. "My whole thing is they were disloyal to me period. Not for the [business] decisions they made.

Sigel continued, stating that the collective, who was absent when he was released from prison, didn’t contact him in while in prison either. “I was mad because they weren't loyal to me period. Even when I was on house arrest, before I got booked, I didn't get a phone call. I never got one letter from any of them since I been jail. Oschino and Sparks are the only ones that kept in contact with me."

Now signed to Damon Dash’s new label, Damon Dash Music Group, Sigel did not have to much thinking to do when it came time to pick a new home. Two choices stood before him, DDMG or Jay Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records. His final decision was also influenced by his personal relationship with DDMG heads Dash and Kareem “Biggs” Burke.

”It ain't just business with us. I'm chilling with them. I've never been around Jay on an off day. It ain't like I made a choice of running with Dame and Biggs or 'Dame and Biggs held me down through my whole trial.' It's not that. I would be a sucker if I said I [signed with the Damon Dash Music Group] because they did that for me. It's love. “…this ain't about no business.”

Sigel is also in talks to re-release his latest studio effort “The B Coming” and may be back in the studio in hopes of releasing new material before the end of 2005.

"That was my time off right there, being in a box," Sigel said about being incarcerated. "It's time to go right back at it. I've got a lot of stuff to do. Not just this music, I've got companies to run."