Being well versed in all aspects of music and recording is very important in the music industry today! Rameses is one of those rare individuals. His impressive biography includes highly respected skills in musical instruments, vocals, songwriting, production, and engineering, which have all led him to international fame. Some of the industry's most well known and award winning players, have come to rely on Rameses' skills to help create successful recordings.

Rameses produced two tracks on Daddy Yankee's two time Grammy winning album "Barrio Fino" and did a remix for a legend such as R. Kelly. Rameses' strong success has also evolved in his ability to merge different musical cultures into commercially successful recordings. How else would an individual from Puerto Rico with strong Latin roots become a well respected contributor to the music of the Arabic World? Cultural integration is very important in today's day and age, and it is very important to Rameses. He is continuing to search through the music of different ethnic cultures throughout the world in order to create new and different sounds. Culture in itself is a huge part of music, and music makes us who we are!

Rameses' biography is an interesting one! He was born in Washington DC and shortly after his 8th birthday, moved to Puerto Rico. He grew up with strong musical influences at home. His father, a Baptist Minister, played guitar and sang. His mother was the choir director at the church with a degree in piano. Rameses spent 5 years as a member of his mother's choir. His parents' support and influence was essential in the development of young Rameses' skills.

As a young adult, Rameses attended the Musical Institute Juan Morel Campos in Ponce, Puerto Rico. At that time, he also began his performance career, in two locally successful Rock bands. During his education period, Rameses also went to the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, where he majored in Applied Music. After his book studies came to an end, it was time for Rameses to be educated through hands on experiences. Prime Records, the pioneer label of Reggaeton and Hip Hop in Puerto Rico, was the first to employ Rameses as intern to Producer Elvis Cabrera. After a short amount of time, Rameses was hired as Elvis’s assistant, working on various productions for artists such as Angel Lopez, Vico C, Franchesca, and Luz Clarita.

After bringing much excellence to Prime Records, Rameses joined J & N records as Production Assistant and Composer for such artists as Evolution Dance consisting of Karlos Silver, Manny Manuel, Cosa Nostra, and Tito. As a group member of Evolution Dance, Rameses was also signed as an artist when they won the Paoli Award as best new group of 1996. Rameses' compositions for the group have thus been used in the movie "Boricuas Bond" broadcasted on HBO and Cinemax.

Rameses' talents did not stop there. Shortly after his 1996 award, he was signed as an artist for EMI Latin. This resulted in Rameses' debut album “Loquehaces Con El” in which he acted as an artist, composer and production assistant. Through out the years, Rameses used his talents on projects with producers such as Eduardo Reyes of BMG, and participated in partnerships with Miles Copeland (Of Police, REM and Bangles fame), in which he crafted songs like "Insane" and "Walk Like an Egyptian" for Egyptian singer Hakim, the top recording artist in the Arab world of music. Rameses worked with Lab Studios in Puerto Rico where he worked with Tempo (A Top Latin Hip Hop artist), along with Daddy Yankee and top Reggaeton duo Yaga and Mackie.

Another addition to Rameses established career was the relationship he has created in New York city with worldly known percussionist Richard Khuzami of Dahdoo Productions with whom he created fusions of World Music within Western Dance, Hip Hop and Reggaeton. The above mentioned artists were just some of the performers that were lucky to collaborate with such an incredible musical force such as Remeses!

Finally, and most importantly, in 2005, Rameses signed an artist deal with WU TANG Latino-an up and coming label of Latin flavor created by the members of the Wu Tang Clan. This unity, will give Rameses the opportunity to work with such industry giants as RZA and Rayroq Acosta. With the influence of Wu Tang, Rameses promises to make the jump from a well respected artist known primarily in the recording industry to the general acclaim he most richly deserves!