Born in Loiza, Puerto Rico, Mangani is an up and coming Reggaeton lyricist. Boasting a history of writing/freestyling/rapping since the age of 8 (that's 20 years rapping), Mangani is working to establish himself as not just an artist, but a movement in the Reggaeton genre.

Raised between San Jose, California and Loiza, Puerto Rico, Mangani has a versatile style which combines West Coast style gangster rap, Loiza style underground lyrics, and revolutionary consciousness. He rapped exclusively in English until 1993 when he heard what were the first Reggaeton tracks, known back then strictly as "underground". With his brother, DJ Tito, by his side as the musical composer, producer, and DJ, Mangani (Then known as Ouija da Wicked One) and his rap partner La Sister (then known as Sh'killa, and who just recently signed to Machete Music, cd out Dec. '06) took the streets of Loiza by storm in the early 90's. They battled other local groups on street corners and clubs until they parted ways in 1998 due to Mangani joining the Imperial Army.

Mangani has appeared on collabos with international artists, is on the radio in various countries, working with American as well as Puerto Rican artists, and has even established himself as a producer in the game with artists like Rico (R&B), El Nene Rafa (Reggaeton) and others. He has appeared on different artists albums, including Torombolo from the Bay Area released late '06, Chili Powdah late '05, and Stamma in late '06. Mangani has recently been featured on various mixtapes including Yanuis-Beat Machine vol. 2, DJ Meta4's Lounge Who's Next podcast, DJ Tito presents Highway 420 vol.2, and many others! Stay tuned for other releases from this groundbreaking and versatile artist!