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Thread: The Fuck List

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenBee
    Fuck You London Batty Boi, You Gon Fake Ass Rob Me?

    Fuck You...

    Dont Forget That.
    fuck you too you fuckin bitch ass fagot ass cock blower, come round my way and you will get robbed bitch

    now dont you fuckin forget that boi, bitch.....

    i lack that part of me thats supposed to give a fuck
    im so fuckin ballin' i walk around with L1NK's muma on ma dick muh'fucka

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mixtape Mutt
    Fuck this fucking stupid ass thread. Motherfuckers trying to re-create the "You guys swear too much" thread. Trying to get motherfuckers to say fuck 20 times in 1 post. Close this fucking bullshit.
    Yeah for real Im not tryin to beef wit no body but this thread is bullshit
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