right, i downloaded that Poetic freestyle from here on the permanent dwnloads links, he's stood there in his gravediggaz hoody n the guy is the 1's & 2's. right it is one of the dopest freestyles ive ever heard, im hooke don watchin it, i watch it like evry day. usually for a free to be dope to me the mc has to spit fire like Em used to back in the day. but this guy has a real dope flow n his voice sounds sick as fuck, real grimey, i got the pick, the sickle & the shovel cd btw, but he is so dope at freein by the sounds of that 1,

soo...could anyone hook me up with sum more free's of his, even if just audio, AND where can i get me a gravediggaz hoody???, they r dope as hell. I WANT 1.