In the thick of the action.
Stimulate you with the realness and unalike attraction.
If your curiosity got you askin',
I'm attempting to get that paper stackin'
Packin' a punch that'll take knock the verterbrate
out ya back and
reposition a five-foot nigga' to the height of Shaq and
hotter than Jamaicans with a pound of wacky tobbac...and
I'm black and I'm proud.
Escaped from slavery and shacklin'.
A windy city full of hustlin' and clack, clack, clackin'.
I'm leaving 'em packin'.
I'm finished with mackin'.
But if I wasn't, I would get between more legs
than sanitary napkins.
Bang it in ya' Lexus, Hummer, Bentley, ya' Cadillac and
ya' Ford Focus.
The brokest pockets is finna' fatten.
You unable to speak, like enemy combatants.
Tell you the consequence, and say "I told you so"
after it happens.
I'm strictly with the hard-core hip-hop. To hell with the "rappin'."
Exposin' wack niggaz
like a titty on Janet Jackson.