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who refuse! to grow up as slaves to da man,
cuz walkin the earths crust as zombies wasnt part of the plan,
to fuck uncle sam, n teachem no matter whut never turn ya back on the fam,
n not to empty they pockets n da church's collection pan,
charity starts en la casa and the rest'll come, dat the east was one,
b4 the west wus even discovered,
da reasons y dads heroin budles is stash in the cupboard,
cuz kids gotta eat,
outta a fallin tree they made coal so we started hittin the streets,,
and making the illest flee,
popped up like when pimples bleed,
its simple see bring down the district fleas,
biting til were laced up with scabbed and disease,
smashed into 3 divided by 6 its hard to breathe,
deep in the depths of the wicked streets,
as dangerous as the deep ocean sea,
where we get swallowed up by whale police,
sent off froom sailing the seas taken a plea,
courts tranquilize us into concrete sleep...