i tried improving by adding wordplay

poisoned spears, spear hearts an arteries
bodys hung up on the tapestry
spreading like pitbulls, at your party
growing nerves, all of a sudden got hardy
whipping out everything, from guns to blades
laying flat ther furst to say my name
deep in the oasis, hoping it wasn't in vein
but on the outside, just gave away the AK
weary, grabbing my naval area
secrets lurking, peered at like area 51
felt the death kiss of st. gregory
hope i don't make any good enemy's
checking the frequency signals
out of this era thoughts digging
should i go back and say sorry to his family?
or just say fuck it, and cook in the pantry?
radio personalities aggravate
left in dismay cause of the per say
swallowing the gifts i gave
now i'm cutting away at myself
loosening the belt, wanting to bang
but the heart ain't there, the big bang
happended by myself in my mah's crib
where mad peasents sleep't
where sweet dreams were never dreamt
cuz the exorist dwelled in the city celler
scratching the rear view mirror