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Thread: New Eminem Produced By DJ Premier???

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    Default New Eminem Produced By DJ Premier???

    Back in the 90’s it seemed that in order to be somebody you couldn’t possibly do an album without the legendary DJ Premier stamping his trademark production. From Nas to Jay-Z and everyone in between, a DJ Premier track made every artist worth talking about official. These days, those calls have dwindled as the younger crop of emcees have opted to go another route while Premier nurtures a new batch of emcees.

    But there’s one person that needs that extra punch to make his comeback official and he picked up the phone to make that call…

    Marshall Mathers aka Slim Shady aka Eminem

    "I just got a call from Eminem," Primo revealed exclusively to HipHopDX.

    The song, titled “Keys To The City," will indeed be on Eminem’s upcoming album (possibly leaked as the street single) and will be the first time Slim Shady will put his signature flow behind a DJ Premier backdrop.

    “It’s a song that he actually produced and he wasn’t crazy about the track," Premier says as he recalls the conversation between he and Em. “(I told him) as long as I can strip it clean and do what I do with your vocals it will be dope," and the final result according to Premier? “It’s dope!"

    The former Gangstarr producer explained that he thought the initial song Eminem did with his own production was great but Eminem called, wanting that “DJ Premier sound.�

    But how exactly will the two sound together?

    “Man…Eminem is back," Premier continues. “He attacked the track with a new style, just fucking ridiculous, kind of like how he came with ‘The Way I Am’ but even more lyrical like the old Eminem."

    With a legend like DJ Premier saying that the song is “ridiculous" what more can you expect? Be on the lookout for “Keys To The City" off of the as-yet-titled Eminem album dropping this year.

    One of my favorite MC's working with my favorite producer. If this is true, ya'll have no idea how excited I am for this. Em and Premo collabo is gonna be hot!

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    Too good to be true.
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    This looks good

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    I don't think Primo would just front on the whole thing like that. It's going down. No coinidence considering Premier called out Em for a track on that youtube clip a few months back.

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    already been posted

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