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Thread: Sanford and Son: The Black Hebrew Israelite Episode

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultimate Fist View Post
    Dang! The middle part about some brothers being too proud of some things was peace but wtf? Race is an adaptation to certain variables. Blacks have evolved as completely as whites. If you don't believe so, why is it that blacks are significantly more immune to malaria than whites? Adaption to environment.
    which would disprove that the africans now are exactly the "original man". the only thing they would have in common is that they come from africa, and maybe the color of their skin. it would mean every race that came from "the original man" just evolved in different environments, and i as a white man would have just as much of a relation to "the original man". its good to learn in history, not something necessarily for only black people to feel proud about. im actually not to sure that the animals that evolved in to humans were only in africa, but thats something else entirely. about the jews, blacks may have been the originals. but they taught others in the way of the jew and eventually became the minority. as i said earlier i don't think its been forgotten as the black jews are being shipped to isreal along with the more commonly recognizable jews. so that also maybe a good history lesson, but i see no reason for nonjewish blacks to feel proud. and besides getting it known jewish blacks really have no reason in pressing the issue. infact i dont' even need to know that bullshit. its trivial. fuck the jews.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kephrem View Post
    The historical record proves the latter.

    It would've depended on the particular North Africans fathers to determine how "black" they were. The color spectrum also sat at the darker shade two millenia ago.

    It's not about color as far as determining ones lineage. The thread is named in relation to a controversial historical topic, that is who the original Jews are.
    Fair enuff.

    Are u familiar with the Lemba people?

    They have similiar or allmost identical traditions and practises when it comes to modern jewish ways. Like diet, how they pray and so on...

    They consider themself as the true descendants.

    But then again we have The Rastafaris who consider themself as descendants also.

    And then theres people of Israel today.

    What if all the true descendants are some sort of mix?

    What ever lighter and darker really is.

    And what about the Chinese Jews? They have long history..

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    There once existed in the Lemba homeland and the province of "Chinese Jews" black people/original Israelites. The West Indians (so-called) align with ancient 'Biblical' prophecy/slavery. Etc.
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