I understand y'all are goin through a difficult time but there's an answer to your confusion


It even tells you about that new smell you may be smelling in the distant future

Putting the P.U. in Puberty
P.U.! A lot of kids notice that they have a new smell under their arms and in other places when they hit puberty - and it's not a pretty one. That smell is body odor (you may have heard people call it B.O.), and everyone gets it. As you enter puberty, the puberty hormones affect glands in your skin, and the glands make chemicals that smell bad. Kids will also sweat more during puberty, and their skin becomes oilier.

So what can you do to feel less stinky? Well, keeping clean can stop you from smelling. You might want to take a shower every day, either in the morning before school or at night before bed. Showering after you've been playing sports or exercising is also a good idea. Another way to cut down on body odor is to use deodorant. If you use a deodorant with antiperspirant, it will cut down on sweat as well.

enjoy and dont ever say i dont look out for yall