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forgive my ignorance but could someone give me a low down on grindhouse flicks ?? are the horror movies that were purposely over the top and kind of cheesy with low low budgets ??
this isn't at all what grindhouse means. a grindhouse was a sleazy, usually dangerous theater that played exploitation movies from the 60's to mid-80's. most of the movies weren't intentionally cheesy and over the top, they just came out that way on accident. grindhouse is basically the same term as exploitation. the movies relied on exploiting the audience's prurient interest - deviant sex, violence, gore, rape, torture, freaks, etc, rather than actual merit. grindhouse films could be sex movies, horror, kung fu, blaxploitation or whatever.

all of these theaters were shut down in the mid-80's and the exploitaton movie industry died. only a few films that played at grindhouses are actually good movies, but most are terrible. i still love them. and the movie "grindhouse" was nothing like an actual grindhouse film.