If you take an Infrared Filter and place on a Night Vision scope, you can see UFOs not visible to the naked eye flying over Santa Barbara. I have adapted my night vision scope to fit on my Nikon D80 using a T-Scope adapter. Anyone can do it. I have seen 2 UFOs over Santa Barbara during the 4 times I have spent time looking. I caught this one on February 7th, 2008 while looking from my front yard. It was maybe 500 to 700 feet up. Not visible to the naked eye.

It was night time and you can see stars in the background as a reference. The UFO was the size of an 18 wheeler and it just flew by like a plastic bag in a fast wind in a perfectly straight direction. The pic was off center as I was trying to use a tripod and freaked out because I wanted to make sure it got it in frame at least and the tripod was in the wrong position.

The first one I saw was like a box the size of 2 cars with 3 infrared lights that were dim. The box actually tumbled through the air maybe 200 feet above the tree line over Santa Barbara. That was in late January. Whatever these things are, they are all over the place if you look with the right equipment.

--Ryan G.
Santa Barbara, CA