I'm stuck pretty rigidly within my abilities
To transcript melodies from musicology to Hip-Hop novelties
Acknowledge me, formerly Xtadas, now Definitive
Because I figured that new ways to raise true praise would be to change my name
X-to-the-T to D-to-the-E
I spit when in need, and my necessity is no longer brevity
Scribble bars down now with assurances that they'll be heard
Maya Angelou's enemy, I imprisoned the caged bird
Opposite of poetic, kinetically spellin' the forces restin' within me
No "Jux"taposition, just X after Definitive, B
Couldn't figure out how to write sixteens before
Now I'm spittin' shit so raw, Pac and Biggie could feel it full force
Got cats more open than whores
Got the crowd screamin' Busted Rhymes, shoutin', "Gimme some more!"
D is ripe for the cause, don't call me Xtadas, that persona is gone
It's Definitive till the death, no matter what "El-P" I'm on
Spittin' these metaphors till the death of me
Internal rhyme format, changed my name, and you still get the better D...