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    I was born and brought up in what would be termed a `semi-Hinduised' background in what is now south Bihar. My caste is that of the Doms, classified as a `Scheduled Caste' by the Indian Constitution. From my school days in my native Bihar I was taught that my religion was `Hinduism', and that all Indians, except for a few renegade Muslims, Christians and Sikhs, accepted without question the leadership of Brahmins and venerated the Vedas. That Rama was `our' god, who destroyed the `evil demon' Ravan, all our languages were merely `degraded forms' of Sanskrit, and `Indian is One Hindu Nation' came to be fundamental beliefs of mine. These were only some of the nice myths that the Brahmins and Aryan Vaishnavas, the followers of the 6 astika schools of Brahmanism, were telling us. Although I did not realise it at the time, I was completely ignorant about the real history of my Sudra race, totally brainwashed by the Brahminist propaganda machine right from childhood. During this period, I developed a close relation with my uncle, Bapu, who was very kind to me. I cried when I had to leave him for my higher studies, even though I was 18 at the time. This departure from my home and family was all the more painful as my poor financial condition implied that I would not be able to return to my home for a space of two years.
    I continued my higher studies in a college in Mumbai, and had to stay in a hostel. Most of my class-mates were `higher caste Hindus' ( a term I now realise is synomyous to `Brahmanist' or `Aryan' Caucasoid ), and loyal supporters of the Hindutva movement, which was gaining momentum in those days. `Hindu Rashtra' was the war-cry. Encouraged by some of my `Hindu' class-mates, I started attending RSS sessions that took place at a field near my college. Attracted by their apparent opposition to casteism, I soon came to believe in the Hindutva ideology, and became an ardent follower of this movement. Far from my home, I developed unconcious biases against anything Muslim, Christian or Sikh.
    All this occurred during my stay away from home. I finally did complete my degree, and returned to my home after two long years. When I returned, I expected to find my uncle, Bapu chacha. Having met and rejoiced with my close family, I asked them where Bapu chacha was. A sudden silence fell over all my family. When I prodded them, my mother answered `Your uncle is no more'. I was shocked, because he had been a healthy man. `Which illness did he succumb to ?' I asked them in my innocence.
    `He was not sick. He was killed, killed by the Brahmin butchers', came the angry reply from one of my younger brothers. I was shocked at this statement. I asked, `How could it be? The Brahmins, who are leaders of our Hindu society, and have protected us from countless waves of invaders ?' Utter disbelief spread among all those around me, shocked at my statement. I myself could not continue the conversation, but I later learned that he had been killed, for no reason, by the Ranvir Sena, a militia of the Bhumihar sub-caste of local Brahmin landowners during one of their many massacres of `Dalits'. As I realised the progress of the actual events, the statements made during the RSS assemblies of `No caste, One Hindu Nation' all began to seem hollow.
    It soon dawned upon me that I had become detached from reality, and had been blinded by false lies. I soon set about to re-analyse the Hindutva ideology, and began mixing with supporters of other movements. I soon started to ask questions. `What does it mean to be a `Hindu''. We were `One Nation', so surely we should speak `One Language' ? `What scripture should we follow ?' Finally, what was all this Hinduism ? Why did fellow Hindus kill my uncle ? And that too, Brahmins, who were supposed to be the defenders of all Hindus ?

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    lol at this nigga Black Mans dedicated beef with hindus

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    i never liked hindu's either. statue god worshippers.

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    I have reached startling conclusions, which I have elaborated in this book, the culmination of all my labor. In short, I discovered that Hinduism was an English invention that bracketed several distinct, mutually hostile religions into one umbrella. `Hinduism' or `Sanatana Dharma' did not exist before the English, but was created by them in order to reward the Brahmins for loyal services during Anglo-Brahmin rule. Moreover, by pushing through a vigorous campaign of `Hindutva', a sinister attempt was being made by the Aryan Brahmins to destroy several religions in one stroke. I realized that, being a `Dalit' Sudra, I was a representative of the original Sudroid inhabitants of this country before it was invaded by the Aryans. I realized that my religion was not `Hinduism' but Shaivism or Dalit religion, and that the Aryan Vaishnavas were trying to destroy that faith. Indeed, I have realized that all the suffering that exists in India today have been inflicted by Brahmin-invented institutions, ranging from the hideous Sati to Hijrahism to the Devadasi system, all these horrors have been ruthlessly enforced by the Brahmins upon the helpless natives for thousands of years of tyrannical rule. The Muslims, far from being invaders who killed Hindus, were liberators who uplifted the masses from two millenia of Brahmin oppression and slavery.
    It is imperative for the survival of the Shaiva, Dravidian, Dalit, Shakta, Tantric and Adivasi religions that the Sudras realise their religious distinctiveness, and that these faiths be recognised as separate religions rather that as mere sects of Hindus. Under the guise of Hindutva, we are being made to follow Brahmanism, more specifically the sect of Aryan Vaishnavism, a faith alien to one-half of India's population. In order to save the Sudric religions, it is necessary to follow the following points :

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    (1). Sudroids must stay united as one people. All Dalits, Dravidians, Adivasis and Kols must realise that they spring from the same one stock, the Sudra race of Negroes. We have to all understand that we originally spoke one language, the Proto-Dravido-Kolarian, or Sudroid, language before the Aryan invasion. We have to understand that our ancestral religion was the Sudric religion, from which all the sects of Dravidian, Dalit, Adivasis and Shaiva religions have sprung, and that the bulk of us still follow one of these faiths. Nor are we a minority: Sudroids form one-third of the population of the sub-continent. We must also support the related Mongol-invented religions of Buddhism and Tantrism, for these faiths face the same threat from the 6 astika schools of Brahmanism.
    (2). Sudroids must unite with their black brothers all across the world. From the US South to South Africa to South India, Blacks have been oppressed by white races. More understanding and greater awareness of our common racial bonds is necessary for our survival. Indeed, Pan-Negroism is the only answer to all problems faced by Blacks around the world. The Australoid Aboriginal has already lost the conflict, and only unity through the Global Negroland movement can save the rest of us. Having listened to the speeches of Runoko Rashidi, an Afro-American Nationalist and noted Pan-Negroist who visited India recently, there is a real chance that we can make it.
    (3). Unity with our Afro-American brothers, many of whom follow the Nation of Islam implies that we accept unity with Islam. Islam is also the enemy of the Aryan Vaishnavas, and credit must be given to Babur for having destroyed the memorial to the Aryan monster Ram in Ayodhya. We must realise that Islam, by destroying caste in North India, liberated countless millions of Sudras from the Vedic apartheid system. Sudras were free to practice Shaivism during the Islamic era, and one can see the fundamental unity of Shaivism and Islam by noting that the Veerashaiva Lingayat movement of Kannada Shaivas opposes idolatry. Although most of the Muslims in the North are of Mughal race, ( ie. they are Caucasoids from Turkestan, Afghanistan and Iran ), they follow the egalitarian religion of Islam, and do not support the racist Vedas. Union with Islam means that the Aryan Vaishnavas shall be caught between the pincer movement of a pan-Sudra Dalit-Dravida-Kolarian revival from the south and a Mughal Islamic invasion from the North. The formation of Dalitstan in Central India comprising Gondwana, Jharkhand and Bhilwarra, of Dravidistan in the South, perhaps with a Sudrastan federation comprising both Dalitstan and Dravidistan, as well as the birth of the Mughalstan Islamci homeland in the Indus-Ganges basin shall ensure mutual survival of South Asian Islam and Sudroids from the Brahmin menace.
    May this book, the fruit of several years of labour, help to achieve that goal. Liberation of the Dravidian, Dalit, Adivasi and Shaiva religions from the Brahmin Hindu yoke is the only way to ensure their survival.
    Signed -
    Hadwa Dom,
    Jharkhand, Dalitstan 1999

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    Monotheism, Polytheism and Pantheism

    `Hinduism' as a term is such a confused jumble of different religions that there does not even exist a standard concept of God. It is sometimes incorrectly asserted that Hinduism is polytheism, but that is not correct. Pure Vaishnavism is monotheist, as are pure Shaktism and Shaivism. Atheism in the form of Sankhya Vedanta is also a part of Hinduism; indeed, this is one of the 6 astika (orthodox) schools of Brahmanism. Thus, Swami Dharma Anand Theertha has written :
    "Frankly speaking, it is not possible to say definitely who is a Hindu and what is Hinduism. These questions have been considered again and again by eminent scholars, and so far no satisfactory answer has been given. Hinduism has within itself all types of religions such as theism, atheism, polytheism, Adwitism, Dwaitism, Saivism, Vaishnavism, and so forth. (emphasis added). It contains nature worship, ancestor worship, animal worship, idol worship, demon worship, symbol worship, self worship, and the highest god worship. Its conflicting philosophies will confound any ordinary person. From barbarious practices and dark superstitions, up to the most mystic rites and sublime philosophies, there is place for all gradations and varieties in Hinduism. Similarly, among the Hindu population are found half barbarian wild tribes, and depressed classes and untouchables, along with small numbers of cultured, gentle natures and highly evolved souls."
    -- [ Tirtha ] [ cf also Fame ]

    This book shall later on prove that `Hinduism' includes the 6 orthodox schools of Brahmanism, as well as anti-Vedic religions such as Shaivism (followed by Sudras), Tantrism, Shaktism, Buddhism and Jainism. Indeed, `Hinduism' is actually Brahmanism, and the other faiths have been mistakenly classified as `Hinduism' due to Brahminist-Vaishnava propaganda. Thus, `Hinduism' includes atheism, pantheim, monotheism and all forms of religion :
    "Hinduism is not a religion established by a single person. It is a growth of ideas, rituals and beliefs so comprehensive as to include anything between atheism and pantheism. (emphasis added). Having grown out of the practices and speculations of various communities that were admitted into the Hindu fold at different times, Hinduism, as it stands at present, has very few set of dogmas. A formal recognition of the Vedas as revealed wisdom is all that is required for a Hindu to be known as such. But the latitude permitted in interpreting the Vedas is so wide that the atheistic Sankhya philosophy of Kapila and the polytheism of the Puranas are both recognized as Orthodox."
    -- [ Thomas, p.21 ][ cf also Fame ]

    In the words of S.V. Kelkar, "There is in fact no system of doctrines, no teacher, or school of teaching, no single god that is accepted by all the Hindus."[ ERE 6:712 ] Hence, it is a natural conclusion `Hinduism' is not one religion, but a collection of several distinct religions. There are several distinct religions that are wrongly confounded under the name Hinduism (a more detailed list follows below) -
    Brahmanism(6 schools considered `astik')
    o Vedanta
    Smarta Pantheism
    o Samkhya
    o Yoga
    o Mimamsa
    o Vaiseshika
    o Nyaya
    Sudra Shaivism
    o Dravidian Shaivism
    o Chandalla (Dalit & Adivasi) Shaivism
    o Kolarian Shaivism
    Sramanic Religions
    o Buddhism
    o Jainism
    o Carvaks
    Rajput Solar Religion
    Tibetic Tantric Religions
    It is often asserted that " Nevertheless, it is possible to discern among the myriad forms of Hinduism several common characteristics of belief in practice. Authority of the Veda and the Brahman class ... Doctrine of atman-brahman .. Ahimsa or non-injury .. Doctrines of transmigration and karma .. Concepts of istadevata and Trimurti .. Ashramas: the 4 stages of life " [ EB.20 `Hinduism' 519-520 ]. These are all false statements, as shall be shown later on. There is not one single theological doctrine in common.

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    Shankaracharya the Smarta

    According to Smarta propaganda, Shankaracharya reinstated `Hinduism' as the common religion in Bharat after supposedly defeating the Buddhists in `brilliant debates'. However, this is another false `Hindu Unity' myth of the Brahmin Nazis :

    Shankaracharya was a Smarta [ srv.FAQ ], and he campaigned against the Shaivites as well as Buddhists. His opposition to the Kappalikas (a sect of Dravidian Shaivites) is swept under the carpet to create an illusion of Hindu unity and subvert Sudra Religion. Prior to Nannaya the Carvak and Kappalika schools were prevalent in Andhra-desha. Kumarila Bhatta (7 centry AD) and Sankaracharya (788-820) preached against these and tried to revive the Brahmanic Vedic dharma [ Red.625 ]. The attempts by Nannaya and his patron-king Narendra (1022-63) to revive the Vedic dharma recieved a setback due to the backlash of Virashavism [ Red.625 ], which utterly vanquished the Vaishnava fanatics.
    Severe persecution of Buddhism had already diminished that religion to near non-existence long before Shankaracharya (see chapter 4). Thus, the Sunga King of Magadha offered 100 coins for the head of a Buddhists monk, and Ashoka himself killed 18000 Jains.
    Smartas are virtually confined to Kerala. If Shankaracharya was so successful, why did his Smarta doctrines not spread beyond that state ? Even in Tamil Nadu it is said that a Smarta is merely a stepping-stone for Dravidian converts from Shaivism to Aryan Vaishnavism. Noted anthropologist Thurston has written about this `conversion':

    " About the Vadama Smartha Tamil Brahmins, there is the following saying: "Vadamam muththi Vaishnavam", ie. "a Vadama ripens into a Vaishnava"
    -- [ Thurs i.334 ]

    Yet, despite all the efforts of Shankaracharya, the main religion of Vaishnavism was not attacked by him. Why ? Because his Smarta movement was merely meant to subvert the Buddhist and Sudroid religions.
    The figures quoted above show that the Smartas form less than 1 % of the population, with Vaishnavas forming 70 %. Sankara only converted 1 % of the Indian population to his doctrines !

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    Ramaite and Krishnaite Vaishnavas

    The Ramaite and Krishnaite sects of Vaishnavites are also at loggerheads. The Krishnaites are not that intolerant of Shiva, but the Ramaites allow no mention of his name. The Krishnaites also generally allow worship of Radha, which is condemned by the Ramaites. It hence follows that sectarianism is rampant within astika Vaishnava Brahmanism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HAN View Post
    i never liked hindu's either. statue god worshippers.
    I'm Hindu and i think you are stupid really stupid..know abt where u walk in circles and whut u all do b4 u die

    And I'ma remain in the scene and reign supreme and go to many extremes by any means

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    I have strong fasination and admiration for Sadhus. Giving up all possesions except for the most basic of utensils and completly giving themselves to spiritual studies. They are in my oppinion far more Christ like than any Christian Ive ever met.

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    Does Black Man ever type his own posts or does he just copy and paste from websites?

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    i was thinking that the article was a copy+paste.

    also, although my beleiefs would conflict hardcore with hindu beliefs, i can respect religions.

    one problem i have,though, is with this caste concept.
    to me it sounds like segregation, but im unenlightened on the matter, so i shouldnt reeeeally make a judgement yet.
    can anyone clear it up for me?

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    Scholars are now saying that there was in all probablility no "Arayan invasion". That the English invented the theory to explain the high levels of culture and technologies of the Indians of past and present.

    ops didnt see the other thread.
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