She recently said some crazy shit to me this past Tuesday. The bitch is always asking me for money because she doesn't have a job and she has 4 kids. I told her i'm not giving her money anymore and i told her don't ever call me again. So i'm at the library using the computer and the next thing i know, this bitch shows up at the library i'm at and she taps me on my shoulder. I turned around to see who it was and it was her. She says to me, don't be getting a attitude with me on the phone and i might tell my man about us. Her and i have been intimate with each other since i've been giving her money. I told her i don't give women money for free so i told her she was gonna have to be intimate with me for money and she agreed to it. We haven't had sex yet but i have massaged and kissed her feet, sucked her toes, kissed her legs, kissed her neck, kissed her ears, kissed her hands and sucked her fingers. But anyway getting back to what i was saying about she came to the library where i was at, i followed her outside to her car to see if she was gonna do something crazy. She had her car parked next to mine so i went to her car and we started arguing. She said to me, get the fuck away from my car and i should spit on your ass. She said i look way better than you, you're ugly and you got bad breath. I said if i'm ugly and i got bad breath, why were you letting me kiss on you for money? She didn't have a explanation for that LOL. Then she said that's why you live with your momma and your retarded LOL. I said fuck you and i said your just mad because i won't let you use me. If i continued to let her use me, we wouldn't have been arguing.

She called me last night and told me that one of my co-workers called her and told her i've been talking about her at work. So i told her i haven't been talking about her to my co-workers. She said your lying. I said no i'm not. I have been talking about her to several of my co-workers hahahahahahahahahahaha. I shouldn't have said anything to anybody and i regret that because people can't keep stuff to themselves. I'm never going to talk about her again at work to anybody. Then she says to me i told you not to fuck with me. After i finished talking to her, i called the police because i don't know what her crazy ass might do because she knows where i live. The policeman told me that if she threatens me, i should get a restraining order. So that's what i'm gonna do if she threatens me. I talked to her today and i told her the truth that i have talked to a few co-workers about her and she asked me why did i do that. I told her because i'm stupid LOL. She said get the fuck off my phone and if you ever call me again, i'm gonna have my man beat your ass. I hung up on her. If her man confronts me, i'm gonna tell her that i've been intimate with her and i don't think he'll be mad at me. He'll be mad at her because he'll be wondering why was she asking me for money in the first place.