yo searched for a thread about this show, and i aint see one, the search function is shitty anyways, but yeah...

this show is one of the tightest shows i've ever gotten into for real.

new season starts sunday night, 10 PM eastern.


i seriously hope this shit doesn't go downhill, season 1 was fucking excellent, it'd be hard to match it. i've been watching the marathon tonight, and i'm syssed up to see what happens next. the characters are some fucking characters for real.

walt's a hero man, doing that dirt to provide for his family, knowing he could die very soon.

jesse's a clown ass wigger, hilarious as shit.

when they flipped a coin to see who would kill dude, and who would dispose of the bodies and what transpired after that...damn that good. fucking odd couple.

tuco...dude cracks me up, he's loco as fuck.

tight, tighttightight jjyeahhhh! LOL

hank, the dea brother in law.

walt jr.

great characters, all around.

whatever, let me stop sucking this show's dick, i just wanted to remind anyone who didn't already know that 10 pm eastern on sunday, season 2 starts. peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!1