He was 39 years old and he wasn't feeling well. He was very sick. I just read the article at Yahoo.com and i forgot what caused him to be sick. He was in jail in Cleveland, Ohio because he hadn't paid his baby mother child support of $85,000. He had 3 kids by the baby mother he owed money to and their ages are 11, 15, 17. I also heard about this on Tom Joyner's radio show this morning and i was surprised because Gerald just died 2 years ago. I know Eddie Levert of The Ojays who is their father gotta be really sad about losing his sons so early. Gerald was only 40 when he died. I met Sean and Gerald before here in Cleveland and they seem like nice guys. When i talked to Sean, i asked him was Levert gonna do anymore group albums and he said no. That was about 7 years ago when i spoke to him. I got a few Levert cd's which are Bloodline, The Big Throwdown, Just Coolin. Bloodline album is their first album and it has the hit song Pop Pop Pop Goes My Mind. The Big Throwdown album has the hit songs Casanova and My Forever Love. Sean did one solo album but i never heard it. His first single from the album was Put Your Body Where Your Mouth Is. I remember seeing the video.