a poet in the mind shows great potential
mc's grab the mic but show no credential
its essential to verbally flow like a wet pussy
but dont act like one cause then bitch u mooshy
i lay it on thick like peanut butter...jelly on the side
a verbal killa jackal or mr hide
choose ya side dark force or the light
mc's get knowcked off when i step in to my plight
it all "as high as wu gets i get lifted"
shot bang slang oh shit ya missed it
another metaphorical insentive stricken word
u dont understand cause your sould hav never heard
the sermon of a real mc's when lines just runs off his pen
cause that is, his only friend
money, power, respect his allies nothin more
caue when yo shit aint hot they go thru the front door
so i adore every day, i live with my real homies
throw some predicatble shit like " they aint phonys"
but rap is gettin coorny now its all for the love of money
niggas dont think about hard earned cream they want the easy honey
but get yours fuck wat u heard
but are we still forgettin aobut "a dream deffered."