i need to drop more pieces so here one go...


My subliminal thought ~rip ya dreams~ crush your dome and ~strip ya seams~/
servin other ~MC's~ like im the dope deala, and your the ~Phines~/
fist fight only, fuck the ~mack ten~ i'll say ~wats happenin~ then straight kung fu ~action~/
servin any ~crew~ eatin ya up like a family ~barbeque~, my dick solid and long like chinese ~bamboo~/
when you talk to me ~pace your breath~ or else i'll get raw so they can't ~trace your death~/
If your at my house and go wild AKA ~Flippin~ i'll get the chef's knife in the ~kitchen~ or my gun and throw a ~clip in~/
500 ~elements~ to my ~intellegence~ leavin MC's stupid like speech ~impediments~/

uppin for feed