i anchor hell with hot medals, so im a prisoner of God
so i walk in heaven with a iron crusifix tied around my ankle
call it ludacris, i'm true to this not a scared fool thinkin he spittin....
..... when hes swallowing mucus
crude dude holding up souls like the devils advocate made me do it,
you wouldnt know like sins growing in ya cranium pits
i'm schitz, see 666 deamons blitz when i drop my shit
it's real so fuck your cryst and materialistic fake crittics and bitches
i walk with stiches along with leatha face, you wouldnt want to see the place
dead stupid disgraces with the same damn taste
your minds a canvas paint a picture whatch u follow the trace
embrace n timely pace with a handcuff and black case full of hate
this is just for fun..i just ate, fuck what u create your lifes a whole fuckin mistake
with the rhymes i lace, thinkin im doing this with a crossfade.....
.....on wooden crates