could it al be so real
fighting everyday for a new deal
could it all be for real
so simple
pimps running the hill
gunning for the number 1
all alright - spotted through a laser sight
pick up a mic + ride all night with a brixton kite

could it all be so simple
beats 1 2
lyrically a c to the z
counting alphamerically
microphone static - vocal acrobatics
reason beyond the rational - words be my vocation
powering verbs on vacation
smoking herbs in meditation
on a rhythmical rotation
spit roasts - of mind bending toasts
from coast to - the infinite ghost

could it all be so complex
diving into the subconscious with the scuba-diva
sub-atomical rugged and wild
complex, perplexed + perfect

HI-TEC - with the mental technician