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Thread: The Official Hip-Hop Instrumentals (Thread)

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    does anyone have some instrumentals from "Servants In Heaven Kings In Hell" by Jedi Mind Tricks? especially "Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story" and "Outlive the War" (which is one of the illest beats i've ever heard in my life!!)

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    lets try this again

    hay dude know im not in here much often but need some help im loking for the instermental for RIP SLYME super shooter

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    im lookin for

    biggie - i got a story to tell
    Cormega - American Beauty

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    aight on some fresh-coast shit


    The D.O.C. - The Formula (instrumental)
    The Game - Lets Ride (instrumental)
    The Game - One Blood (instrumental)
    The Game ft. Keyshia Cole - Games Pain (instrumental)
    The Game ft. Nas, Marsha - Why You Hate The Game (instrumental)
    The Game ft Keyshia Cole, Jadakiss, Bun B, Fat Joe & Young Buck - Game’s Pain (remix instrumental)
    Too Sick - Drunk In The Club (instrumental)
    Too Sick - The West (instrumental)
    Top Dogg - Goin Back To Cali (instrumental)
    Warren G - Do You See (instrumental)
    Warren G - So Many Ways (remix instrumental)
    Warren G - This DJ (remix instrumental)
    Warren G, Mista Grimm, Nate Dogg - Indo Smoke (instrumental)
    WC - Paranoid (instrumental)
    WC - This Is Los Angles (instrumental)
    Westside Connection - Let It Reign (instrumental)
    Westside Connection ft Knocturnal - Lights Out (instrumental)
    Xzibit - Get Cha Walk On (instrumental)



    Mr. Short Khop - Dollaz, Dank n Drank (instrumental)
    Paperboy - Ditty (instrumental)
    Ras Kass - 4 Much (instrumental)
    Roscoe - I Love Cali (instrumental)
    Roscoe - My Hood (instrumental)
    Roscoe - Sex Buddy (instrumental)
    Roscoe - Smooth Sailin (instrumental)
    Roscoe - Summertime Again (instrumental)
    Slick Dogg - Breakin It Down (instrumental)
    Slick Dogg - Busters N Haters (instrumental)
    Slick Dogg - I’m Gonna Smash You (instrumental)
    Slick Dogg (instrumental)
    Snoop Dogg - Aint No Fun (extended_edit_instrumental)
    Snoop Dogg - Backup Ho (instrumental)
    Snoop Dogg - Boss Life (instrumental)
    Snoop Dogg - Dippin (instrumental)
    Snoop Dogg - Imagine (instrumental)
    Snoop Dogg - Neva Have 2 Worry (instrumental)
    Snoop Dogg - Sexual Eruption (instrumental)
    Snoop Dogg - Those Gurlz (instrumental)
    Snoop Dogg - Ups and Downs (instrumental)
    Snoop Dogg - Upside Ya Head (instrumental)
    Snoop Dogg ft. Akon - I Wanna Love You (instrumental)
    Snoop Dogg ft. Mr. Kane - Paperd Up (instrumental)
    Snoop Dogg ft. Too Short, Mistah F.A.B. - Life Of Da Party (instrumental)
    Snoop Dogg ft Nate Dogg - Crazy (instrumental)
    Snoop Dogg ft R. Kelly - Thats That (instrumental)
    Soldier Ink - Real Hoes (instrumental)
    Soldiers Of 213 - The Beginning (instrumental)
    Soldiers of The 213 - Straight Ballin (instrumental)
    Soldiers of The 213 - We Some Soldiers (instrumental)
    Southsider Smokeout - Smoke Out Dos (instrumental)
    Suga Free - So Fly (instrumental)



    George Clinton - Atomic Dog (instrumental)
    Glasses Malone ft. Akon - Certified (instrumental)
    Grand Junctiion - Negro and Stalker (instrumental)
    Gripsta - Cant Fade Dis (instrumental)
    Gripsta - Pop Goz The 9 (instrumental)
    Guerilla Black ft Mario Winans - You’re The One (instrumental)
    Hi-C - Let Me Know (instrumental)
    I Smooth 7 - Coolin In Da Ghetto (instrumental)
    Ice Cube - Do Ya Thang (instrumental)
    Ice Cube - Friday (instrumental)
    Ice Cube - How We Do It (instrumental)
    Ice Cube - It Takes A Nation (instrumental)
    Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day (instrumental)
    Ice Cube - Steal The Show (instrumental)
    Ice Cube - Why We Thugs (instrumental)
    Ice Cube ft. Dr. Dre & MC Ren - Hello (instrumental)
    Jayo Felony ft. Method Man, DMX - Whatcha Gonna Do (instrumental)
    Kausion - What You Wanna Do (instrumental)
    Knocturnal - The Way I Am (instrumental)
    Kurupt - Behind Walls (instrumental)
    Kurupt - Load Up (instrumental)
    Kurupt - We Can Freak It (instrumental)
    Kurupt_ft. Roscoe - Chip That Curb (instrumental)
    LBC Crew - Beware of My Crew (dj pooh remix instrumental)
    LBC Crew - Beware of My Crew (instrumental)
    Mack 10 - Tight To Def (instrumental)
    Mack 10 - Do Tha Damn Thing (instrumental)
    Mack 10 - Hate In Yo Eyes (instrumental)
    Mack 10 ft. DPG - Nuthin But The Cavi Hit (instrumental)
    Mack 10 ft. Ice Cube, WC - Connected For Life (instrumental)
    MC Eiht - Straight Up Menace (instrumental)
    Mista Grimm - Situation Grimm (instrumental)
    Mr. Criminal - Gz and Ridaz (instrumental)
    Mr. Kane ft. Doggy Style All Stars - Nite L.O.C.S. (instrumental)



    DJ Quik - Spur of The Moment (instrumental)
    DJ Quik - Black Mercedes (instrumental)
    DJ Quik - Dollaz and Sense (instrumental)
    DJ Quik - Jet Set (instrumental)
    DJ Quik - Jus Lyke Compton (instrumental)
    DJ Quik - Something For The Mood (instrumental)
    DJ Quik - Tonite (instrumental)
    DJ Quik - Youz A Gangsta (instrumental)
    DJ Quik ft Truth Hurts - Come Tonight (instrumental)
    Dogg Pound - A Good Day (instrumental)
    Dogg Pound - What Would You Do (instrumental)
    Doggy’s Angels - Baby If You’re Ready (instrumental)
    Domino - Ghetto Jam (instrumental)
    Dove Shack - Summertime In The LBC (instrumental)
    DPG - Jus Doggin (instrumental)
    DPG - Respect (instrumental)
    DPG - Ride Wit Us (instrumental)
    DPG - Theres Some Way Out (instrumental)
    DPG - Vibe With A Pimp (instrumental)
    DPG ft. Crooked I - Gangsta Rap (instrumental)
    Dr. Dre - Dre Day (instrumental)
    Dr. Dre - Keep Their Heads Ringin (instrumental)
    Dr. Dre ft. Snoop - Nuthin But A G Thang (instrumental)
    Eastidaz - I Luv It (instrumental)
    Eastsidaz - G’d Up (instrumental)
    Eastsidaz - Ghetto (instrumental)
    Eazy E - Game Over (Instrumental)
    Eazy-E - Killa (instrumental)
    Eazy-E - Real Muthaphuckkin’ G’s (instrumental)
    Eazy-E ft. Roc Slanga - Switchez (instrumental)
    Fredwreck - Lets Roll (instrumental)
    Fredwreck - Track 9
    Fredwreck - Track 11
    Fredwreck - Track 14


    Above The Law - Black Superman (instrumental)
    Above The Law - Enodnesia (instrumental)
    Above The Law - Sex Money Music (instrumental)
    Affiliated Soldierz - Streight ‘G’ Shhh (instrumental)
    Bad Azz ft Doggy’s Angels - How We Get Down (instrumental)
    Ballerz Ink - Cali Sunshine (instrumental)
    Ballerz Ink - Whats Ya Name (instrumental)
    Battlecat - Funk Smooth (remix instrumental)
    Battlecat (instrumental)
    Bleu Davinci ft. Fabolous, Young Jeezy - Streets On Lock (instrumental)
    Bloods & Crips - Steady Dippin (instrumental)
    Boo Yaa Tribe - Bang On (instrumental)
    Chico Cool Wadda - U Make My High Come Down (instrumental)
    Crooked I - NWA (instrumental)
    Daz Dillinger - In California (instrumental)
    Daz ft. Snoop Dogg - Dogg Catcha (instrumental)
    Daz ft Keak Da Sneak - Dip Drop Stop Dip (instrumental)
    Daz ft Kurupt - Everybody (instrumental)
    Del The Funky Homosapien - Foot Down (Blockhead remix instrumental)
    Dialated Peoples - Worst Comes To Worst (instrumental)
    DJ Pooh - Whoop! Whoop! (instrumental)
    2pac - California Love (remix instrumental)
    2pac - Hit Em Up 2 (instrumental)
    2pac - Holler If Ya Hear Me (New York Stretch Mix instrumental)
    2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up (instrumental)
    2pac - No More Pain (instrumental)
    2Pac - So Many Tears (instrumental)
    2pac ft. Tha Outlawz - Homeboyz (instrumental)
    2pac ft. Trick Daddy - Still Ballin (instrumental)
    19th Street ft. Daz - Bustaz (instrumental)



    dr dre - bitches aint shit
    mista grimm - indo smoke
    low profile - pay ya dues
    snoop - gin & juice
    yoyo & cube - bonnie & clyde
    ice t - colors
    amg - bitch ***** have my money
    dr dre - lets get high
    eazy - real muthafuckin g's
    ice cube - amerikkka's most wanted
    doc - formula
    luniz - i got 5 on it
    2pac - ambitionz of a ridah
    above the law - kalifornia
    ice t - i'm your pusher
    rage - afro puffs
    e-40 - hope i don't go back
    dr dre - the watcher

    http:// rapidshare.com/files/130474305/Bay_Instrumentals_Vol_1_-_instrodepot.com.rar

    2pac - Ghetto Star (Ant Banks remix instrumental)
    3 Deep - Sucka Free (instrumental)
    3x Krazy - Keep It Real (instrumental)
    11-5 - Garcia Vegas (instrumental)
    11-5 - I Got Jiggy (instrumental)
    51.50 Green & White Jailstrumental
    Bailey - F*ck Yo Couch (instrumental)
    Balance - He’s Fly (instrumental)
    Big Rich - Scrape N Scoot (instrumental)
    Big Rich ft. EA-Ski - That’s The Business (instrumental)
    B-Legit - Gotta Buy Your Dope From Us (instrumental)
    B-Legit - Rollin Wit Hustlers (instrumental)
    B-Legit - Sick Wid It (instrumental)
    B-Legit ft. Jadakiss, Styles P, Clyde Carson - Block 4 Life (instrumental)
    Bravez Team Hyphy - Bay Boyz (instrumental)
    C-Bo - Death Riderz (instrumental)
    C-Bo - Get This Money (instrumental)
    C-BO - Player To Player (instrumental)
    Celly Cel - Its Goin Down (instrumental)
    Chunk - Dead Presidents (instrumental)
    Clyde Carson - 2 Step (instrumental)
    Clyde Carson - Doin’ That (instrumental)
    Conscious Daughters - Fonky Expedition (instrumental)
    Cutthoat Committee - Its Nothin (instrumental)
    Dem Hood Starz - How We Do (instrumental)
    Dem Hoodstarz - Video Vixen (instrumental)
    Dru Down - Can U Feel Me (instrumental)
    D-Shot- Studio Ton Outro (instrumental)
    Dubee - My Thang (instrumental)
    Dubee - The Dank Man (instrumental)
    E.B. Daddy of the Hood - I Can Feel The Rage (instrumental)



    E-40 - Hope I Dont Go Back (instrumental)
    E-40 - Its All Gravity (instrumental)
    E-40 - Nah Nah Nah (instrumental)
    E-40 - Things’ll Never Change (instrumental)
    E-40 - Yee (instrumental)
    E-40 & 2Pac - Million Dollar Spot (instrumental)
    E-40 ft. 2pac, Mac Mall, Spice 1 - Dusted N Disgusted (instrumental)
    E-40 ft. Bosko - Just F*ckin (instrumental)
    E-40 ft. Fabolous - Automatic (instrumental)
    E-40 ft. Keak Da Sneak - Tell Me When To Go (instrumental)
    E-40 ft. Suga T - Sprinkle Me (Bosko remix instrumental)
    E-40 ft. Suga T - Sprinkle Me (instrumental)
    E-40 ft. Too Short - This My One (remix instrumental)
    E-40 ft. Too Short, K-Ci - Rappers Ball (instrumental)
    E-40 ft. T-Pain, Kandi - U And Dat (instrumental)
    E-A-Ski - Gangsta Funk (remix instrumental)
    E-A-Ski - My Bad (instrumental)
    E-A-Ski - Ride (instrumental)
    Eddi Projex ft. Keak Da Sneak - Breezy (instrumental)
    Encore - Real Talk (instrumental)
    Erk Tha Jerk ft. Kafani - You Already Know (instrumental)
    Frank Sticks - Shake Ya Face Up (instrumental)
    Frontline - Bang It (instrumental)
    Frontline - When You Want It (instrumental).m4a”
    Husalah, Jacka, San Quinn, Traxxamillion - From The Hood (instrumental)
    IMP - Gangster Rock N’ Roll (instrumental)
    IMP - I’m Rollin’ (instrumental)
    Jacka - Barney (More Crime) (instrumental)
    Jacka - Never Blink (instrumental)
    Jacka ft. Matt Blaque - All Over Me (instrumental)
    JT The Bigga Figga - Game Recognize Game (intrumental)



    Kafani - Lean In It (instrumental)
    Kafani - Like Ohh (instrumental)
    Kafani ft. Keak Da Sneak - Fast (instrumental)
    Kafani ft. Unk - Fast (remix instrumental)
    Keak Da Sneak - In Front Of Yo Mommas House (instrumental)
    Keak Da Sneak - Know What I’m Talkin Bout (instrumental)
    Keak Da Sneak - Super Hyphy (instrumental)
    Keak Da Sneak - Town Business (instrumental)
    Keak Da Sneak ft. E-40 - T-Shirts, Blue Jeans, and Nikes (instrumental)
    Keak Da Sneak ft. Messy Marv, Matt Blaque - Nothin’ Without You (instrumental)
    Keak Da Sneak ft. Prodigy, The Alchemist - That Go (remix instrumental)
    Killa Keise - Bust His Head (instrumental)
    Killa Klump ft. Styles P - Go Hard (instrumental)
    Kuzzo Fly - Dont Spill It (instrumental)
    Latino Velvet - Raza Park (instrumental)
    Latino Velvet - Raza Park (remix instrumental)
    Latino Velvet - What You Do (instrumental)
    Luniz - Funkin Over Nuthin (instrumental)
    Luniz - Jus Mee And U (instrumental)
    Luniz - Playa Hata (instrumental) not instrumental, it got mixed up
    Mac Mall - Get Right (instrumental)
    Mac Mall - Lets Get A Telly (instrumental)
    Mac Mall - Macnificent (instrumental)
    Mac Mall - Sick Wit Tis (instrumental)
    Mac Mall - Wide Open (instrumental)
    MC Hammer - Hard Times (instrumental)
    Mistah FAB - New Oakland (instrumental)



    Khayree - 24K (instrumental)
    Khayree - 76 Lime Green Impala (instrumental)
    Khayree - (instrumental)
    Khayree - A Piece From Khayree (instrumental)
    Khayree - All About My Fetti (remix instrumental)
    Khayree - Black & Dangerous (remix instrumental)
    Khayree - Clap 2 Tis (instrumental)
    Khayree - Crack Da 40 (instrumental)
    Khayree - Da Gift To Gab (instrumental)
    Khayree - Elevate Ya Game (instrumental)
    Khayree - Game Dont Stop (instrumental)
    Khayree - Game U Feenin 4 (instrumental)
    Khayree - Intermission (instrumental)
    Khayree - Its A Different Day (instrumental)
    Khayree - It’s Alright (instrumental)
    Khayree - Mac Dre Shout Out (instrumental)
    Khayree - Now And Tomorrow (instrumental)
    Khayree - Sample My Own S__t (instrumental)
    Khayree - Sic Set (remix instrumental)
    Khayree - Stickin 2 Da Grind (remix instrumental)
    Khayree - Thanks 4 The Funk (instrumental)
    Khayree - The Factor (instrumental)
    Khayree - The World Is Yours (instrumental)
    Khayree - Total Release (instrumental)
    Khayree - YBB Bomb (instrumental)
    Khayree - You Think It, It Happens (instrumental)
    Khayree - Young Mac Dre (instrumental)
    Khayree (instrumental)



    N2DEEP - All Night (instrumental)
    N2Deep - Back To The Hotel (instrumental)
    N2DEEP - Day 2 day Basis (instrumental)
    N2DEEP - Day 2 Day Basis (remix instrumental)
    N2DEEP - Deep N2 The Game (instrumental)
    N2DEEP - First We Drink (instrumental)
    N2DEEP - The Weekend (instrumental)
    N2DEEP - Toss Up (instrumental)
    N2DEEP - V-Town (instrumental)
    N2DEEP - Where The G’s At (instrumental)
    N2DEEP - Wonderin (instrumental)
    N2DEEP - Wonderin (remix instrumental)
    Nump - Stunna Shades (instrumental)
    ODB - Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Studio Ton remix instrumental)
    Potna Deuce - Poppa Gotta Bran New Freak (instrumental)
    PSD Tha Drivah, Keak Da Sneak & Messy Marv - Cus Cus (instrumental)
    Rappin 4 Tay - Aint No Playa (instrumental)
    Ray Luv - Definition Of A Hustla (instrumental)
    Ray Luv - Forever Hustlin (instrumental)
    Ray Luv - I’m N Motion (instrumental)
    Ray Luv - Keep My Mask On (instrumental)
    Ray Luv - Last Nite (instrumental)
    RBL Posse - Blue Bird (instrumental)
    RBL Posse - Listen To My Creep (instrumental)
    Rell Dert - Double Fisted (instrumental)
    Richie Rich - Do G’s Get To Go To Heaven (instrumental)
    Riderlife - Another Weekend (instrumental)
    Riderlife - Neva Look Back (instrumental)
    San Quinn - So Young (instrumental)
    San Quinn ft. Lil Jon, EA Ski - Who Ya Wit (instrumental)
    San Quinn, Boo Banga, Big Rich - SF Anthem (instrumental)
    Scweez ft. Mistah FAB - Greenlight (instrumental)
    Something 2 Flow 2 (instrumental)
    Souls Of Mischief - 93 Til Infinity (instrumental)
    Spice 1 - Welcome to The Ghetto (instrumental)
    Studio Ton - Hogg In Me outro (instrumental)
    Syde 2 Syde - Sky Ballin (instrumental)



    The Bayliens - Freakazoid (instrumental)
    The Bayliens ft. Cait La Dee - Bubble Gum (instrumental)
    The Cataracs ft. Jacka, Mistah FAB - Marshawn Lynch (instrumental)
    The Click - Hurricane (instrumental)
    The Click - Scandalous (instrumental)
    The Federation - Happy I Met You (instrumental)
    The Federation - I Wear My Stunna Glasses At Night (instrumental)
    The Federation ft. E-40 - Hyphy (instrumental)
    The Mossie - Break Bad (instrumental)
    The Pack - Candy (instrumental)
    The Pack - In My Car (instrumental)
    The Team - Its Gettin Hot (instrumental)
    Thizz Nation - Keepin It Thizz (instrumental)
    Too Short - Blow The Whistle (instrumental)
    Too Short - Freaky Tales (instrumental)
    Too Short - Keep Bouncin (instrumental)
    Too Short - Pimp Sh*t (instrumental))
    Turf Talk ft. E-40 - Slumper (instrumental)
    UDI - All I Think About (instrumental)
    UDI - Baby By The Wrong B*tch (instrumental)
    UDI - Laid Made outro (instrumental)
    Whoridas - Get Lifted (instrumental)
    Ya Boy - 16’s Wit Me (instrumental)
    Ya Boy ft. Dre - Holla At Ya Boy (instrumental)
    Young D Boyz - Sellin Them Thangs As Usual (instrumental)
    Yukmouth - Came Up Hard (instrumental)
    Yukmouth - Welcome 2 Da Bay
    Yukmouth ft. E-40 - Cali Gs (instrumental)



    Dr. Dre - Still D.R.E (instrumental)
    Obie Trice - Oh! (instrumental)
    Dr. dre - Deep Cover (instrumental)
    Dr. Dre - Nuthin But a G Thang (instrumental)
    Snoop Dogg - Gin&Juice(instrumental)
    The Firm - Phone Tap (instrumental)
    Dr. Dre - Put it on Me(instrumental)
    213 - Game Dont Wait (instrumental)
    Busta Rhymes - How we do it over here (instrumental)
    50 Cent - How We Do (instrumental)
    Snoop Dogg - B Please (instrumental)
    Dr. Dre - Bad Intentions (instrumental)
    Obie Trice - The Set Up (instrumental)
    G-Unit - Poppin Them Thangs (instrumental)
    50 Cent - In Da Hood (instrumental)
    The Firm - Five Minutes to Flush (instrumental)
    Busta Rhymes - Break Ya Neck (instrumental)
    Warren G - Lookin At You(instrumental)
    Eminem - What you Say (instrumental)


    yeaaaah get at me
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    J Dilla - Jungle Love
    J Dilla - Mans World

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    anyone have redmans - time 4 sum aksion instrumental?

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    any one got amazin and heartless by kayne???

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    can i get "tried by 12" by eastflatbush project & "the red" by jaylib?

    'John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.' http://theholyconceptionunit.org

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    Excellent Post Flozz... REP

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    Does anybody have the Just Blaze version of Jay-Z - Public Service Announcement?

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    Anyone got Nas - Take it in Blood? That beat is one of the illest ever produced IMO

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    1. Get Back (Instrumental) - Smif-N-Wessun (Off of Smif-N-Wessun Reloaded) Produced by Moss

    2. Real Life (Instrumental) - Kool G. Rap (Off of DJ Muggs Presents: Soul Assassins II) Produced by DJ MUggs

    3. The Cold Weather (Instrumental) - Evidence (Off of Evidence's Layover Ep) Produced by Evidence

    4. Memory Lane (Instrumental) - Nas (Off of Illmatic) Produced by DJ Premiere

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    Last Emperor - Secret Wars part 1 anyone got this?


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    Boogie Down Productions - My Philosophy (Instrumental)
    Eric B. & Rakim - Microphone Fiend (Instrumental)
    MC Shan - The Bridge (Instrumental)
    "Who's the wickedest, street officialist, Guess, Gortex
    Lex is the crispiest, ice the vidiculous
    Peep and look, the unexplainable'll keep ya shook
    High illism, the realism got you hooked"
    AZ - Doe or Die (Rza Remix)

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