Verse 1

Watching scarface,
Emerge with smoke, from what emerge an oath
To grose triple what I splurge annual.
Influenced by an 2 inch L ,inhale some blue-ish
My hands pale from cutting stupid paraphenal'
Keep two guns sterile,point the two in parallel alignment
Towards my illusion,drew in by mental
Consume in pink chapelle,70's themes
Coronas in the ice pail on freezeeeeeeeeeeee
Grape cola mixed with R martin
Big boulders on my index they all sparkling, lenses often...
Covering my eyes, poker faced with benzez outside
Parked in the car departments
Boulevards iz gold
I'm like kid from goodfellaz watching cars explode
I'll tell them X con "shit, you're worthless with that felony"
Work for me nigga I'll purchase that integrity
Give you something important to do, Place to work
I got a contract on myself!!! Just to stay alert
I got arm gats on the shelf!!!Shit that spray berzerk
Two kings, eight luitenants, 50 souljahs that don't eat,sleep or get pussy til them ends meet.
LOOK ROOKIES....................