im new here so ima juss drop a lil sumthin n see what yall think

fuck the pearly gates, im bein followed by a black cloud
since an early age, ive hung around wit a wack crowd
caught up in wirly ways, n packin gatts that clap loud
not the violent type im the silent type in the back ground
i wear my hat down n never back down from wack clowns
who think they hard cause they pack now, im in the street lights
my speech type i keep tight n never be seen with the weak type
ive seen some bleek nights, seen shoot outs and street fights
i paints a pretty picture wit a witty scripture wen i squeeze mics
you know my steez right, i aint no gangsta or a drug dealer
you gots no love for me, it dont matter i got no love either

juss a lil sumthin