Piece I Posted a couple of years ago...some of y'all remember. A few emcees have bitten recently, but I was the FIRST!

Pandemonium, paradigm paralyzing putrid punks
pathetically practicing petty pantomime
pre-eminant performer, positively prime
prototypical pundit patantly punishing puppets
pyramid protector, pulsating pussy penetrator
passionately pulling panties, prestidigitator
perfect penmanship, polysyllabic participator
perpetually pulverizing pretending perpetrators
piercing parasitic pathology professors
perpetuating perverted preconceptions, pressure
peers portraying prison partially, please
prohibit poisoning precocious pubescent perceptions
primarilly perdition, perhaps purgatory's preferable
previously primary predators prove penetrable
push pupils' purpose, pursue premium positions
pre-emptively pummeling pessimistic premonitions

Pandemonium, promulgating prominence pompously
pleading "pardon prosecuted prisoners pre-posthumously"
poetry promoter projecting prosperity
purpling protesting pipsqueaks protectin parity
prophetic propensity, permanent Panther proponent
printing propaganda pamphlets, practical, potent
potential paragon, peerless prediction
primal pampering, pretty princess prediliction
perforating pestilent posers persitantly
professing profound pigment power presently
proactive, provoctive, personal princely priest
publically peg predacious posterior pirate priests
pugnacious pugilist, perservering persecution
protesting production plants producing pollution
perverse platinum pieces propogate poppycock
poignantly part pattern proclaiming peons copy Pac

Pandemonium, proficiently performing pogroms
provoking palpitations, practically procreate poems
preserving picturesque panoramic periphery
persisting primogenitor, primordial paternity
penta- per cent principled, pertinent profile proclaimed
progressive prodigy, pinnacle position pre- ordained
prodigious professional, probaably propped 'pon pedestals
prestigious premier person possessing pricelss pencils,
pens, proverbial penis, peculiar pedigree
postulate proper portrayal, P's peppery
Pythagorus precurser, predating Plato, pure
pushing pushovers, perplexing paragraph procurer
profuse product placement, pedestrians price
plentiful piles, pervading preoccupation? precise-
ness, place prepared prerequisite podiums
prescribed prior per program, PEACE! Pandemonium