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Thread: Anybody heard of these cats?.....

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    Default Anybody heard of these cats?.....

    Here are 2 songs I downloaded that I thought I would share with y'all!! This shit is bangin man! track 2 is ft. J-Dilla....I know y'all know who that is! Enjoy! I also stole this bio from a website if anyone is interested! Tracks are at the bottom. Let me know what y'all think!
    "Soundvision: In Stereo"
    In Stores September 20th, 2005

    Raw Material/Babygrande Records

    "4 out of 5 starsÖheavily influenced by the golden age sounds of De La Soul, Pete Rock
    and DJ Premier...12 top-shelf tracks...Lawless Element drive the lane
    with a righteous vengeance."

    "...Griot and Magnif ride their booty bass with that breathy on-beat, off-beat flow...a funky listen."

    "As the industry keeps the gap between the mainstream and underground prevalent, it is rare to see a group like Lawless Element on an independent label who can surpass these limitations."

    When Kavi "Magnif" Tapsico and his cousin Alfred "Griot" Austin of Detroitís hip-hop duo Lawless Element were but pint-sized playmates (6 and 9 years old, respectively) they didnít waste time messing with toys. No, as impressionable children of the í80s, these pup prodigies were wrapping their sticky fingers around hip-hop culture and little else.

    "We wanted to be rappers even back then," Griot says, smiling wryly. "We started out by beat-boxing into an old radio and recording it. Then weíd play the beat-box back and rhyme over it all day." He pauses, and then he adds, "I think Magís been making beats since he was in the first grade."

    Their years of working together have created a chemistry that canít be duplicated. By studying a range of artists, they have been able to come up with a style all their own.

    At 19, Magnifís self-taught production skills have been hailed by many as far beyond his years.

    "Iím influenced by De La Soul and a lot of stuff Jay Dee was doing. And Pete Rock & DJ Premier influenced me on the production tip," Magnif says.

    The production style thatís developed (and on display in 10 out of SoundVisionís 12 cuts) is both smooth and bass-heavy ó with an array of chopped-up drum patterns reminiscent of early í90s boom-bap.

    In fact, Chicago lyricist Diverse, best known for his collaborations with Mos Def and Prefuse 73, recently purchased three beats off Magnif for his own upcoming album. Considering said record also features production from RJD2, Prefuse 73, and Jeff Parker of Tortoise, Magnifís contribution is impressive.

    As for Griot (which in West Africa means "storyteller"), his skills represent the groupís grimier aspects; he can sling antagonistic and narrative-driven raps about you, your mom and your chick in all of four bars. A longtime fan of story rappers like Slick Rick and Nas, Griot attempts to live up to his nom de plume with each verse.

    "Itís the cadence and the dopeness of the flows that makes me want to write," Griot says. "I got a passion for getting in the booth and just letting it all out."

    It is this creative duality that both defines and individuates Lawless Elementís distinctive chemistry; born of a fusion between A Tribe Called Quest, Black Star and accompanying Ď90ís boom-bap, but maintaining a harder underlying lyrical sensibility.

    SoundVision resonates with a songcraft that might woo both mainstream and underground ears. Rhyme schemes change as often as the production, and listeners may detect various stages of Lawless Elementís growth. As a bonus, Pontiac chanteuse Melanie Rutherford lends her powerful voice, as do Phat Kat, Diverse and Big Tone. Underground rising star Madlib mans the boards for a standout track entitled "High."

    While Griot and Magnif both say they were elated to collaborate with Madlib, they were especially honored to work with Jay Dee (aka J. Dilla) who also lent vocals to Sound Vision: In Stereo in addition to his production work on "The Shining."

    "Dilla showed love and looked out," Magnif says. "Heís a real humble dude; thatís not what I was expecting coming from a legendary cat like him."

    Garnering extensive critical accolades in support of their three 12" releases to date, coupled with strong local Detroit press and support from the notoriously discerning OkayPlayer tastemaker community, the release of SoundVision:In Stereo heralds the beginning of whatís sure to be a storied musical journey.

    As Magnif himself states "Everyone should listen to us because our beats are hot, and weíre different from the rest. We have a wide range of musicóthere is something for everyone to listen to."

    **Contains excerpts taken from The Metro Times Detroit and Michigan Daily**



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    Default Re: Anybody heard of these cats?.....

    I've heard of them. but I haven't heard their music. I'll look around for it

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