After publishing one of the most controversial hip-hop articles in recent history, Staff Writer Chuck Phillips of the Los Angeles Times may be on the chopping block.

About a month ago, Phillips' wrote a story in the LA Times implying that hip-hop execs Sean "Diddy" Combs and Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond may have known about the ambush that occurred against rapper before it happened. Phillips claimed that both Puffy and rapper Notorious B.I.G. knew that Tupac would be attacked at Quad Recording Studios in Manhattan.

On March 19th, Just two day's after the article appeared in the LA Times, reported that the FBI files were not only false, but had also been submitted by Sabatino as evidence in a $19 million dollar lawsuit against Combs.

The newly appointed Editor of the LA Times, Russ Stanton, spoke a little about Phillips status during an Interview saying Phillips "remains active," but then went on to add "what he is going to be doing in the future is still in the process of being defined."

In other news…

Two weeks after the article was released, the LA Times officially removed the articles, following apologies by both Phillips and Stanton.

According to Editor Stanton the LA Times have no plan to change their policy of making background material used by writers available online.