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Thread: skatterman & snug brim ?

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    Default skatterman & snug brim ?

    i downloaded this CD, cause i never heard of it, and i was currious. some of it is kinda pop-type club-aiming shit, but some of it is pretty sick.

    anybody here ever heard of these cats?

    i guess theyre from KC. got a midwest/country kinda sound, maybe like nappy roots, only more g'd up, an more under...

    heres a couple tracks:

    i dunno how many heads here will feel this stuff. personally, i think half the CD is kinda wack. but the first track i upped is sick as fuck, imo

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    Default Re: skatterman & snug brim ?

    When I saw ur thread I thought I knew em to be some gangsta cats in the bloods out west but guess not
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    Cass Corridor as well punk


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