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Thread: Old lyrics in my archive

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    Default Old lyrics in my archive

    wrote these back when i was 14, give me any feedback y'all, i might revamp some of the better lines from them and turn them into better raps

    cant believe i wrote some of this shit at 14, as "mc ruckus"

    The Beginning Of The End (ras kass/killah priest influence)


    Ghetto Times (masta killa/nas influence)


    Enter Within feat. Sandman (the old "MC vs alterego" rap haha)


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    I only read "The Beginning Of The End" and I liked that.. If you're truly a 14-year old you spit alot of knowledge son. Props.

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    lol i'm not 14 year old anymore son.

    19 and riding high.

    But i got into my hiphop at an early age, that ish is 5 years old now.

    Peace god.

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    Haha aight but still.. you know what you're talking about obviously. Really advanced lyricism 'n that's rare around here.

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