yeah but i think what the 5% er's are really doing is not so much a relgion as it is spirituality. The difference is that while religion tells you what you HAVE to believe, spirituality is individualist and lets you make your own decisions based on what you hear. They also are studying knowledge, not hiding it under scriptures and bs. I think understanding all this kind of shit that is really going on is incredibly important for all you people who actually live in the thick of it. The chameleons are as ID's saying, playing both sides, pushing the drugs in, and then running in and profiting off the crime caused by it. The chameleons are kind of an illuminati thing I think. Pulling strings behind the scenes. See the shit going on in the southern states? Mass turf wars over drugs, over 600 people dead, and bush asks his border patrol to stand down. Its just a game to these people, and its sick.