The mercury and other known neurotoxins used to preserve them are extremely dangerous poisons, and have lead to a serious increase in autism. There are also a host of other chemicals within these vaccines that do more damage than they serve to help. Google up some of the recent evidence if you're at all not convinced. You'd be quite suprised what they don't report on TV. The sodium flouride in your water and in your toothpaste has never been proven to prevent cavities, in fact it is yet another known neurotoxin and is commonly used in rat poison. The flouride in your water is toxic waste from alluminium plants around the country. With all of this true, it certainly makes it hard for one to trust mainstream science who pushes this shit on us. Maybe thats what ODB is saying about trusting his doctor to deliver his babies. Why is it so important for them to destroy our minds with neurotoxins? Anyone else notice how much STUPIDER society is becoming around you? Hmm...
Yep.. Truth.

Search on here for info, lots of interesting articles on that and alot of other stuff.. It's also a good health site, to educate and to give you knowledge on self healing.. Fuck Chemical drugs!

I never realised how deep Wu were, until buying the Wu-tang manual the other day(Only upto like page 73)and reading this post.. I understand the lyrics alot more now.

Keep it coming.