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Thread: Hidden Symbolism

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckshotstheone View Post
    care to elaborate a little bit on that?
    Anybody can be 5%

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    There are some white five percenters. But they do not call themselves God.
    The Holy Temple Is The Mental

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    I have read this whole thread and am very happy that people are talking about this,

    A lot of the quotes of rhymes have been by a few members of Wu-Tang members namely -

    The Rza
    Killah Priest
    Inspectah Deck
    Masta Killa

    I have a few other artists that deal with this type of matter -

    Immortal Technique
    Ras Kass
    Jedi Mind Tricks
    Jus Allah
    Ikon Da Mic King
    Sabac Red

    And I would recommend listening to "Poet Laurete Infinity" Canibus talks about a lot of stuff on symbolism and basically everything under the Sun.

    Also "Man Of The Hour" Virtuoso talks some serious amounts of interesting things on that.

    Can anyone give more examples of tunes on this type of level of mental?
    And does anyone think tahat all the members are on this and if not who is and who is not.
    In The Older Gods - Wu-Tang Forever, Raekwon says "Most of my team 5%"
    any chance someone could put up a list tunes or any other artist?
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    Rakim does too.

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    *clears throat...*

    Brad Strut
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    Married to Babylon means that I am a victim of the system and a slave to the white man which causes my woman who is supposed to look up to me as GOD to view me as a pawn. Sideswiped by the white horse could mean cocaine addiction or again the global white supremacist system that most of us believe in. On ODB's verse it says 3 billion 600 abc. Your white head came out my black pussy refers to the history of Abraham Lincoln who they say had a black grandmother which explains some of his features and some say the reason he's on the penny with his face going the other way. It also explains the fact that all human beings are descendants of Africans. All races come from Black which has been scientifically proven which makes the ideology of white supremacy ridiculous. The Black gene is the oldest and the most dominant. This is why they dont teach this in school. This is y there is such a concerted effort by Eugenicists to destroy Black people worldwide. When he says I ran ripvan winkle all forests mountains...he's referring to the time in history when the original man ruled and after the creation of the grafted wicked devil they had to run him out of Heaven/Eden/Africa/Pangaea/Asia or whatever you wana call it because he couldn't survive in the heat and was rebellious to the natural universal laws so they had to run him into the caves and hillsides of Europe because he was not agreeable to get along with in peace. As you can see what they have done with the Earth today with the science of islam while suppressing the masses with their false corrupted version of christ-insanity. When he says Tarzan in a jar and then came out Jane, flinstones in my gravel pit, he's speaking on the scientific, process of breaking the original black gene down (grafting) to bring out the albino mutation and stabilize it (the white race). That's the story of Yacub. The result is the caveman and woman, Jane and Flintstones, respectively. Gravel Pit is the black woman's vagina, the black hole from which all things come from. And Rza says Fine-wine vintage, walked trillions of square inches, meaning as a Black God I have traveled the Earth. 10percentage trying to drain me of my mental strengthage. Heavy wattage knowledge cleans the clots or blockages placed in ourmindbythe devils when they stuck pins and needles in ourheadsmadeusbelieve that there is a God in the sky somewhere that's going to save us and in our ignorance made human beings slaves to them so we as gods of all races need the proper knowledge but no race more in need than the original black man and woman who is perishing in Satan's World.
    I fear for the 85 that don't got a clue!

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    Boar's Head is referring to a famous supplier of Deli meats so he is referring to the meat industry. The human body was not designed to consume meats or u wouldn't have to cook it. then u season it to make it taste like vegetables. So dead flesh is killing us more than nuclear weapons
    I fear for the 85 that don't got a clue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by osiris3000 View Post
    Boar's Head is referring to a famous supplier of Deli meats so he is referring to the meat industry. The human body was not designed to consume meats or u wouldn't have to cook it. then u season it to make it taste like vegetables. So dead flesh is killing us more than nuclear weapons

    Human consumption of Red Meat played a large role in the development of our brains.

    i feel like if our bodies weren't able to ingest meat, then we probably would have stopped thousands of years ago.

    or maybe I just don't understand the amazing power of the American Meat Industry.

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    props to ryanmeister and that huge post
    huge jewel you dropped
    "Da Mysteries of Chessboxin', first of all the word "mystery" means "unknown", you know, and the game of chess is like life, so in reality there is no mysteries to chess, it's just to those who don't understand life"- The GZA

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordReveal View Post
    Oh yeah, and Meth's verse? CLASSIC SHIT.
    What album iz dis on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordReveal View Post
    That's cool, my nig, to each his own. However, 5 Percenters are not religious people because we have come to understand (like many other people who are not necessarily 5 Percenters) that religion is the root of many of today's illness (both mentally & physically). We are not Muslims, that is a MAJOR mis-conception. Muslims practice Islam as a religion and 5 Percenters live out Islam as the original man's culture (or way of life). It's the way we act, how we think, what we eat, ect. We only teach those who want to be taught. Christians & Muslims however would condemn you and say your going to "hell" if u don't follow their religions.

    At least you show your respect. PEACE to you bro.
    I know thers alot of out east especialy in New York.If you dont live on da east coast,lets say CHICAGO.Where can I find 5% knowlege here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Eighth Sonn View Post
    Yo Son, can you hit me up with a list of them books?

    me too.

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    Default Don't let this thread die!

    Firstly, I just want to thank LordReveal, ryanmeister, Sun Tzu, and everyone else for the sort of discussion I came here for! Your open and candid views and civil arguments are as refreshing as! I thought this was the sort of stuff that people listened to The Wu for, and am rather shocked at how many people are so oblivious.

    That said, I want to stick up for Wu-tang Fan. Give this youngun some leeway, damn! He started off hot-headed (as would any 17 year old who's just had one of their favourite rap groups exposed as a lot more than he thought/discovered that he knew shit about them), but he explained he didn't know what you were on about. Could we not maybe start to explain a little of this incredibly deep and complex stuff to the kid? I know if I weren't brought up the way I was, and didn't put so much research into what they were talking about, I'd be just as oblivious. I'm still learning more and more every day, and I've been listenin' to Wu for over 10 years!

    Last, I have some really left-field ideas on one of the lines from the start of this thread ("Australians, Venezuelans, illegal aliens..."), but I've got a bit more knowledge to do on it before I'm gonna start flippin' your whole world on its head... It's pretty big, and I'm no scholar, however the more I look into this, the less I have to disprove it.

    Expect some more from me soon...

    Brad Strut
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    Oh yeah, and a big thanks to Osirus3000! You explained a lot about the late genius' lyrics for me that I don't think I'd be able to find out where I am. I always knew there was a lot more goin' on with him and his lyrics than I could pick with my experience.

    Brad Strut
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    Wow, ive read the whole thread and was amazed. this is why i come to this board everyday (tho i rarely ever post...)

    im curious to a couple of things tho.

    For one is there a book that the 5%'s follow, you know that explains the math and what not.

    and also if you guys can recomment me a book that explains whats inside of vitamins and whats bad for you that the gov and food industries dont mention.
    also a book on the gov that explains alot of what you guys discussed on here. thanks and peace to all of you...

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