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Thread: a new reason why the SOURCE sucks

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    Default a new reason why the SOURCE sucks

    The Source's Editor-In-Chief Resigns Over Little Brother Review
    By Aqua Boogie

    Date: 8/16/2005 8:13 pm

    Joshua "Fahiym" Ratcliffe resigned his position as Editor-in-Chief of "Hip-Hop Bible" The Source Magazine today (Aug. 16). According to Ratcliffe, the reason for his abrupt departure is a difference of opinion between himself, Chief Brand Executive Raymond "Benzino" Scott and CEO Dave Mays.

    Ratcliffe said Little Brotherís album,The Minstrel Show, was to receive a rating of 4 and 1/2 mics in the magazine's October 2005 issue, but Mays and Scott disagreed.

    "It's a situation were I believed in Little Brother and the rating we attempted to give them," Ratcliffe told AllHipHop.com via phone. "After speaking to Ray and making sure that was okay, I moved forward with that. Then it was decided that they wanted to change [the rating]. I told [Little Brother] that this is what they're getting and for me to go back on that is a challenge to my own personal integrity. Whether they deserve 4 and half mics or not is debatable; though I believe in it, though most of the staff believes it deserves 4 and half mics, as well as the writer. For me to tell someone this is what you're getting and to go back on it after I got confirmation, I just could not stomach that at all."

    According to Ratcliffe, despite the magazine closing the issue last week, today Mays and Scott expressed their intention on reducing the The Minstrel Show's rating down to 4 mics (the same rating their debut, The Listening, received in The Source's May 2003 issue).

    "The Source of the past was always about breaking groups. Little Brother got accolades from MTV2 and other outlets based on the 4 mic review [they received] for an independent album. We felt like they and their crew The Justus League, their movement was something similar to what was going on with Native Tongues in the early 90's. Just with the whole creative monotony and rut that Hip-Hop is in right now, they really brought a breath of fresh air."

    Before landing at top of the magazine's masthead in the June 2005 issue, Ratcliffe served most recently as its Deputy Editor after joining the magazine as its Culture Editor in February 2003.

    Despite the abrupt split, Ratcliffe said he harbored no anger towards his former employers.

    "I still think The Source is a top-notch Hip-Hop publication," says Ratcliffe. "I would say to anybody-be it journalist, rapper or whatever profession-there are certain things you have to stand up for, whether it's popular or not. It was not popular with my employers and that's why I'm not with this company today. It's no personal malice towards Dave Mays or Raymond Scott. I thank God that they gave me the opportunity to be the Editor-in-Chief for my tenure their. I enjoyed it, I learned a lot. Now I'm moving on."

    Ratcliffe plans to pursue freelance opportunities as well as continue working on a book about character development aimed at high school and college students. "It's something that Hip-Hop is missing, character"

    Inquiries to The Source for comment were not returned at press time.

    from www.allhiphop.com

    haha BENZINO is such a homo..............THE SOURCE always gives underground artists shitty reviews......and the SOURCE always gives mediocre mainstream artists 4 mics.........it is due to the fact that major labels buy alot of advertising in THE SOURCE, so BENZINO being the douchebag he is, will give a weak mainstream album 4 mics to make the labels happy.......the SOURCE is a piece of shit, and has been for years......read XXL instead

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    Default Re: a new reason why the SOURCE sucks

    Thanx 4 a good thread. I have been patient with tha Source for a long minute. Although I might not stop reading it and stealing it off the shelf,I am going to think twice before I throw anything at unsigned Hype. XXL is okay but I feel that they don't do as much coverage as the Source so I am at a split decision. Thanx again tho. One

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    Default Re: a new reason why the SOURCE sucks

    How is RIME magazine?

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    Default Go

    RIME is pretty good, the first issue i picked up was their "Hip Hop goes Pop issue", educated me enough, and even had a letter from KRS-One on how to properly spell Hip Hop, and he said for everyone who is true about it and what not, should know and respect it as Hiphop.
    they have a lot of short reviews in there, but they're to the point, good reviews if you're into mixtapes.
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    Default Re: a new reason why the SOURCE sucks

    i just read it off barnes and noble or a library i was reading some magansine dont remember which one ppl were complaning they had to much 50 cent onthe letter from the readers thats hilirios

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    Default Re: a new reason why the SOURCE sucks

    The Source has gone in a parallel path with hip hop.The more bullshit in hip hop, the more bullshit in the Source. I don't know why I waist $4.25 a month on it.

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    Default Re: a new reason why the SOURCE sucks

    shit i haven't bought a source mag fatefully since 2002 man like most of the mainstream lps in the last couple of yrs sucked for real pure garbage

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    Default Re: a new reason why the SOURCE sucks

    in the uk we get hiphopconection

    that's fucking mint, last one featured def jux

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    Default Re: a new reason why the SOURCE sucks

    I Bet That One Fool Quit../ And Now 2 Get Back At Them...< He Going 2 Work.. 4 Xxl // Again Just A Little Foreshadowing../ Also.. Damn.. Wtf Happened 2 The Source.. ? Back In The Day .. That Shit... Wuz Ruff... !! Now .. Only A Few Understand.. But Most Like Big L... See The Big Picture... !

    Peace !!!
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    Default Re: a new reason why the SOURCE sucks

    Read XXL instead? Are you fuckin' kidding me? Fuck both of 'em. Interscope/Aftermath/Shady/G-Unit artists get 90% of the covers. They're just as bad as The Source, any stupid trash gets an automatic XL. They're both jokes.
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    Default Re: a new reason why the SOURCE sucks

    nah i read xxl altought they have most of the covers 4 fakeass artists but its still an nice mag with the hearditallbefore section and making of classics also they have more stories on wu than the source they should just give wu an cover


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